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Learning languages made easy ! (Part 2)

by Miriam Ernst

Learning languages made easy ! (Part 2)

Here is my second part of my tips for leaning languages made easy! If you have missed my last post, you can find it here.

Third Phase: Continue, continue, continue

Like with anything new and anything that you want to learn or improve consistency is the key.

If you don’t build up a routine and continue working where you have started, then you loose the possibility of improving, of measuring your success and therefore of keeping up your motivation.

Tip: Look at it, as if you’re deciding your gym routine. While deciding to go to the gym, ordering your supplements, etc is a great place to get started, if you are not regular with it, you’re always starting at the same point over and over again. This is frustrating and you’ll loose your motivation pretty fast.

When you have arrived this level of learning a language then my suggested routine is the following:

10 vocabulary every day.

  • You can easily learn them while going by train or bus to work, or you can speak them on a voice message and listen to them over and over again while driving your car. You may have to take the help of your phone for all these. Who would have imagined that you can learn a new language and also learn how to have more fun with just a smartphone! If you continuously keep repeating the steps, you won’t be able to not remember these view words easier every time.
  • However sometimes there are words, that you simply can’t remember. Everyone has different vocabulary that seem impossible to learn. Don’t get crazy about these during your daily learning routine. Write them on a separate place and keep them for the next week.
  • Don’t add them straight away again to your daily words, but try to get your brain affine with these words first: Add a quick note on your mirror in the bathroom, every morning when you’re waking up and every evening you’ll see these word and read them. Don’t try to remember them! Try your body to stop thinking about the words after reading them.
  • This simple trick let the word in your brain and while trying to not break your head around the it, you will automatically start remembering it. Think of it as the ‘pink elephant experiment‘! If I tell you to NOT think about a pink elephant, what are you thinking about? – Well there you go!

Be lazy

  • You don’t feel like studying today and after work you just want to lay down and watch a movie? Perfect do that! Watch as many movies as you want but keep up one rule…. Watch them in the language you’re learning with subtitles in the language you’re learning. If you don’t have any on your streaming platforms that you normally watch, you may want to think about downloading some to your computer. You can start by checking out the best torrenting sites 2022 and going from there. Who knows what language films you’ll find!
  • Every movie is getting easier, and you will always understand more and learn new words by reading the subtitles. This is the perfect method to give your brain a moment to relax without losing the opportunity to learn. You can watch any genre of movie you like to help you with your language learning. For instance, if you like watching horror movies, you can look at sites like hellhorror.com to get tons of movie suggestions. Do this for 6 months and I promise you, your language skills will grow that big, that after this period you’re going to understand everything!

The grammatic

  • Now we have become to the most unpleasant part of studying a language, the grammatic. In my opinion grammatic comes only after the first phase of learning a language. Most schools and people do it the other way around. They learn the gammatic perfectly and then can’t speak a word in the language!
  • This is not only contra productive but is also keeping you from being motivated to learn! You need to want to learn grammatic to actually be able to remember and use it!
  • But how do you do that? Well by starting to learn the basic talks and words first. When you have superated the first two levels, you’re getting curious about the languge. You’re wondering why a sentence that you learned is build up in the contrary than in your mother tongue and why a certain vocabulary is always build in the same way?
  • This means, that you’ve arrived at the moment to go for the grammar! If you are curious, go for it and answer your questions. You will improve and learn best in these moments. Mostly the interest starts with the additional tenses, when to use which one and how to form them. If you feel like you can not say what you want to stay because of a lack of grammatic, then learn exactly this part! Motivation is everything!
  • Don’t follow the rules on what you have to learn first as written in a grammar book. Learn what intersts you and what you think you need in that moment! The basics come automatically !

Fourth Phase: Fine tuning

Congratulations, if you made it up to this last level, than you have already learned the most important and most difficult parts.

You’re able to say most of what you want to say, you understand nearly everything when you speak with people or when you watch the movies and you can write and read the book you bought without stopping at every sentence to look up a word.

It always took be about 5/6 months to finish the first book to read and at the very last page I had only 2 or 3 words to translate. Can you imagine the big step you did with only 1 book?

What I usually do arrived at this point?

– Buy a second book and just enjoy it for the sake of being able to read it without translating the words.

– Speak with who I can in the new language to practise as often as I can.

– continue watching movies and travelling to a place the language is the mother tongue.

I know it is hard and I know there are always moments where motivation and time is missing, but if you go with my tricks I can assure you, that most of you will enjoy learning way more than you have always done during your school times.
Go on, try it out and let me know in the comments below if you’re trying my method and what you think about it during you way.

I am happy to help if you have any questions and I’d love to hear your stories!

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Best, Be-Sparkling.

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