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Best Spas in Frankfurt for a Relaxing Day

by Miriam Ernst
Frankfurt, best, spa, villa Kennedy

Advertising: The past months I have been visiting all types of Spas here in Frankfurt and today I want to show you my favourite choice. Sometimes even if you try to do everything perfect things go wrong: I have saved all Spa images on my external drive, which after eight months of use broke. Now all my spa images from Frankfurt (and many others) are gone and I am trying to create this article with the few materials that I still had on my phone for Instagram purposes. I hope you forgive me!

I usually try to give you a personal favourite, but in this case, it is really hard. The Spas that I have tested and now chosen for this article are all special themselves and have a unique touch. So it really depends on which of those touches is the one you prefer. That is why I have chosen not to include a Top 5 list, but a topic winner list of the following categories: The prettiest, the best value for money, the best signature treatment, the best wellness area and the best fitness&wellness combination. On this site you can find the best glass shower door and more.

Here is my full list:

Spa Villa Kennedy: The prettiest!

Frankfurt, best, spa, villa Kennedy

When you walk down the Kennedyallee, you can’t miss the large building continuing on your right-hand side. A building from 1900, elegant and powerful is awaiting you, and upon entering you can’t miss the elegance it shows.

Frankfurt, best, spa, villa Kennedy

The luxury spa is situated on the lower level, where I was welcomed extremely friendly. The relaxation day comes with all the necessary amenities: bathrobe, towels, flipflops and even a hair elastic. Ones changed the Spa is structured on various levels. All on top you have the actual spa area, where a pool, whirlpool and the saunas are. There is one Sauna for Ladies and one for Gentlemen. The location is incredibly beautiful and full of light. This is probably why the Villa Kennedy Spa is my favourite Frankfurt spa in terms of its beautiful location! I suggest you go during the day so that you can enjoy this light-flooded space.

Frankfurt, best, spa, villa Kennedy

Then it was time to test their signature spa treatment: the Forte Face & Body Ritual . The Ritual is a lovely combination of sound, relaxation, massage and facial treatment. The Italian Lady, that was responsible for me, explained to me, that each Rocco Forte Spa has a unique way of organising the treatments. Every location stands for a certain fruit. The Villa Kennedy unites these treatments with the apple as a symbol for the region in Germany and Frankfurt. The spa ritual starts with a foot bath that is incorporated with sound and vibrations. After this relaxing experience, there is a full body massage following. To be honest their beds are one of the most incredible I ever experienced: They warm up from within. This is just great as the therapist doesn’t have to feel too warm and the person receiving the treatment can stay warm and cosy at all times. I believe it even adds to the relaxation status. Using some broad spectrum gummies (hemp-based) before this treatment might even take the relaxation to the next level… just float off on a soft cloud and forget about all your worries.

All in all a lovely Spa experience in Frankfurt and perfect for everyone that loves a chic ambiance and great treatments.

  •  Treatment prices:  65 – 220 €
  • Adress: Kennedyallee 70  (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Contact:  (+49) 69 717121160
  • Website

Tagesschönheitsfarm: The best value for money!

Frankfurt, best, spa, ham

The best value for money Spa experience was the Tagesschönheitsfarm Hamam at Konstablerwache in Frankfurt.
They don’t offer the traditional spa treatment, that we are used to in Germany, or that offer the other Spas in Frankfurt, but the typical Hamam experience, that is known in Turkey and other Arabic countries: Upon entering you directly feel, that you will be transported into a different world.
The personnel is friendly and brings you directly into the changing room. Shoes and towels can be rent for a small fee, or you just bring them with you.
The Hamam inside is spacious and very clean. I felt a little uncomfortable at first sitting there in the short fabric wrapped around me, but it only took me a few minutes to forget about it. Except us, no one else was in the Hamam at this point, so I guess Saturday morning is a great moment as it is not yet so busy!
Again and again, we took some water and showered ourselves with it, letting the water get soaked into our skin.
The time sitting in the Hamam was passing by slowly and I started to really get calm and relaxed, breathing in the warm air and letting my thoughts flow freely.
After circa 30 minutes you can pass on through the door in front, where two stone beds are awaiting. After lying down on one of the Marmor stones, the ritual proceeds. This cleaning ritual includes a full body scrub, which eliminates all your old skin and lets you feel how soft your skin actually can be. Trust me, only the feeling of your skin afterwards is absolutely worth it!
Once this ritual is terminated, you will be accompanied into a waiting area, where you can enjoy your tea and embrace the relaxation. Depending on what package you have booked, the ritual continues and you will be accompanied into a private room to enjoy the massage, or the ritual terminates here and you can take a shower whenever you feel ready to leave this magic world.
Extra tip: if you’re looking for cosmetic treatments in Frankfurt, this is a great place for it! Their treatments are extremely professional and will give you free advice on what products to use and how to protect your skin.

The perfect experience just after winter, to get your skin ready for the sun and summer!

  •  Treatment prices:  35 – 200 €
  • Address: Zeil 51  (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Contact:  (+49) 69 299 24 669
  • Website

Jumeirah Talise Spa: The best signature treatment!

Frankfurt, best, spa, jumeirah

Jumeirah Frankfurt has, in my opinion, the best signature treatment from all places that I tested in Frankfurt. The design and architecture that you see upon entering the hotel are unique in each Jumeirah Hotel and still leave this known Arabic touch. Dark wooden elements transport you from the start into a calm state of mind. I was brought into the treatment room to get changed. I remember perfectly, I never had touched these thick towels before! Never!

Some seconds after laying down on the bed, my therapist entered the room and explained to me the treatment that I was going to experience. The first step is a full body sugar-scrub, which stays on while the second step starts: A full body massage, that uses the scrub as support. Every movement of the therapist felt strong, incorporating the sugar scrub in every movement. I am a person, that always searches for different treatments and stronger massages, was enjoying it very much.
After the treatment, hot tea, fresh fruits and flavoured water are waiting for you just before you can dive into the wellness area. Also here men and woman are divided into two different areas. On both sides, there is a relaxing spa area and a Finnish sauna.

  •  Treatment prices:  30 – 390 €
  • Address: Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2  (Frankfurt am Main)
  • Contact:  (+49) 69 297 237 450
  • Website

Ascara Fitness & Spa: The best Wellness area!

The largest spa area that I have found in and around Frankfurt was in the Ascara Fitness & Spa of Villa Rothschild in Königsstein. It is a short drive from the Frankfurt city centre, but if you bring some time, it is absolutely worth it. The spa is divided into two buildings with a long tunnel that connects them. On the one side, you can find the treatment areas, changing rooms, some saunas and the spa shop. In the other part, you’ll find the outdoor pool, whirlpool and rest of the saunas.

I started my experience with a signature massage of 60min, which was an amazing experience. The young woman (who unfortunately left the place shortly after I was there) did a great job. She incorporated softer moments with punctual more Physiotherapie similar movements. After the hour of relaxation, I had the chance to test an unusual Thalgo facial treatment that helps the skin to regenerate itself. It was very relaxing and I really did feel my skin softer and stronger afterwards. You feel, that there is actually happening something.
Now it was time to experience and enjoy the sauna and pool area. The day that I was spending in the Ascara spa it was snowing and freezing outside. Perfect day for a Spa retreat! I went into the outdoor pool and the view (you can see nearly Frankfurt) and the feeling was simply amazing. The area is just lovely and right next to the outdoor pool, that is accessible from inside, you can find all saunas, a relaxation area and the whirlpool.

  •  Treatment prices:  60 – 165 €
  • Address: Debusweg 3  (Königsstein im Taunus)
  • Contact:  (+49) 6174 909100
  • Website

Meridian Spa Frankfurt Skyline Plaza: The best Fitness & Wellness combination!

Last but definitely not least the Meridian Spa in the Frankfurt Skyline Plaza. Different to the other Spas, this is incorporated into a Fitness centre. The Spa offers treatments and massages or daily access to the gym and wellness area. I am currently a member of the fitness area and can, therefore, use the wellness area free of charge any day I like. The area is just lovely: A swimming with daylight from above, where you’ll also experience pool classes and many different saunas to chose from. You even have a female private sauna, just next to the changing room and my favourite place, the rooftop terrace. The terrace is spacious, you have two different pool areas that I mainly enjoy during spring and summer time, but also hot tubs for winter time and colder days.

The treatment area is lovely and I was welcomed in a very warm way. The room is spacious and the bed very comfortable.
I tested was the Meridian Recovery Massage, a signature massage, that is perfect for relaxation and anti-stress or after sport. The massage was great with a perfect combination of strong and softer moments. The fitness area at Meridian Spa is large and there are always classes available. I personally am a big fan of Pilates and Body Pump and both classes are available nearly every day.

All in all a great massage treatment, a large wellness area and great fitness club. For me the best in this combination in Frankfurt!

  •  Treatment prices:  32 – 126 €
  • Address: Europa-Allee 4  (Frankfurt)
  • Contact:  (+49) 69 74307650
  • Website

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