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The 8 best Dubai restaurants at a glance

by Miriam Ernst

8 great Dubai restaurants you should definitely visit

Dubai is one of the most powerful cities, growing and changing over night. This also makes it impossible to know all the hip places in town and to visit them all. The variety of cuisines, food and restaurants is huge and not to be compared with a lot of cities in the world.

But I have taken a great time during my Dubai trip to ask around and figure out which of the places are a great to not miss out during your stay.

Here they are:

1. Dubai great Restaurant: La Baie Lounge

La Baie Lounge is an indoor and outdoor restaurant in the known Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Dubai.

You enter the location from inside, where you can have a sneak-preview into the kitchen. The venue is stylish and modern inside and the outside is cool and relaxing. They seem to have put up something like the best heavy duty party tent to keep their customers from the scorching sun. A perfect mix of two different styles. If you are lucky and are not travelling during one of the super hot days, then get a table outside where you can have a look at the farer beach and over the full Ritz-Carlton garden area.

The outer area is extremely breath-taking. It has been created to mimic natural gardens. The perfectly shaped lawn grass adorns the pathway, the different types of hedges seem to form the perfect lawn boundary, and the beautiful tulips light up the mood. It reminds me a lot of an elegant beach club with a touch of greenery. In fact, talking with the manager, he explained me that they were planning to introduce a new event type, the sunset sessions. You will find great music vibes while enjoying the beautiful pool flair.

Tip: Going from 4pm – 7pm the sunset sessions offer discounted drinks and menus.

The location is beautiful and if you would ask me I’d introduce a great afternoon fashion party!

Our night started with a special spiced gin-tonic – absolutely recomendable ! For dinner we had a different starters and two main meals. The starters were great! Try the Black Angus Beef Tartare and the smoked Sea Trout. Our seconds was one ‘Catch of the Day’ and the Angus Tenderloin steak. The Steak definitely recomendable, the Fish unfortunately was a little dry. All in all it is good food in a pleasant atmosphere !

  • Sparkling Rating: 7/10
  • Contact: dine.dubai@ritzcarlton.com / (+971) 4 318 6150
  • Main course start at 140 AED (circa 35 €)
  • Website

2. Dubai Restaurant: Mama Zonia

The first thing that caught my eye was the interior – I absolutely loved the jungle vibes and ambience. The crowning glory is definitely the amazing terrace at Dubai Marina Bay. Ambitious staff, fast service and excellent cuisine.

I was particularly taken with Japanese food – perfectly arranged Sushi and seafood. Everything was perfectly cooked and seasoned. Especially in the evening the restaurant is very well attended, which is why I recommend booking in advance. The atmosphere in the evening is comparable to that of a bar with live music and great atmosphere.

Tip: Be sure to book a table outside and enjoy the stunning view of Dubai Marina!

  • Sparkling Rating: 9/10
  • Contact: reservations@mamazonia.com / (+971) 42404747
  • Main course starts at 100 AED (circa 23€)
  • Website

3. The best Dubai restaurants: Eat Greek

With three locations in Dubai, the restaurant is represented several times. One more reason to stop by and pay the place a visit 😉

The restaurant serves deliciously prepared octopus and fish in general. The staff remained very friendly and took time for each guest, even during busy periods.

And if fish doesn’t appeal to you, you still have a considerable amount of other dishes to choose from, such as moussaka, pita, souvlaki or a mixed grill plate.

  • Sparkling Rating: 8/10
  • Contact: reservations@eatgreekkouzina.com / (+971) 43255446
  • Main course starts at 50 AED (circa 12€)
  • Website

4. Arabian Tea House

It’s tea time! Here you can sit back and relax and leave the hustle and bustle behind for a moment. Despite the touristy location with many guests, the food is excellent and authentic and the service is extremely friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable right away.

You feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the old Arabian days. Freshly squeezed juices and various teas and coffees make the stay perfect.

Tip: It’s best to come here for breakfast and try your way through the plentiful Arabic breakfast offerings.

  • Sparkling Rating: 10/10
  • Contact: branch01@arabianteahouse.net / (+971) 43535071
  • Main course starts at 60 AED (circa 14€)
  • Website

5. The best Dubai restaurants: Iris Meydan

That’s what I call a bombastic location! This place magically cought me, the atmosphere is absolutely captivating and provides a modern lounge experience.

Open Air und Musik by renowned bands and DJs – so basiclly it’s a never ending party! The vibe, the people as well as the drinks and dishes makes a perfect combination for a cheerful night.

Big nice outdoor space with a sweeping view of the city. Therefore, if you visit this place, be sure coming by in the evening.

Tip: To the ladies: Don’t miss the Ladies Night on Tuesday evenings. Exclusive offers and special drinks are waiting for you.

  • Sparkling Rating: 9/10
  • Contact: reservations@irisdubai.com / (+971) 569511442
  • Main course starts at 120 AED (circa 28€)
  • Website

6. Social House

The Social House is located in the Dubai Mall and the outdoor area offers a view of the Water Fountains. Believe it or not, this place was one of our favorite restaurants in Dubai!

I ordered the Balinese dish Nasi Goreng and guess what? It is not inferior to the dish from Bali in any point! They serve dishes from all Asian countries and they are all good.

  • Sparkling Rating: 10/10
  • Contact: info@alabbarenterprises.com / (+971) 46076999
  • Main course starts at 60 AED (circa 14€)
  • Website

7. Skafos

One of the things that impressed me right away was the beautiful location on the water. Especially in the evening when the lighting is beautiful, it’s a great romantic place where you like to spend your time.

Unfortunately I can’t say anything about the quality and taste of the food because I didn’t tried it. I only went there for a few drinks and to sit back and relax. I loved this place for its coziness and calming atmosphere.

  • Sparkling Rating: 8/10
  • Contact: (+971) 47077077
  • Main course starts at 80 AED (circa 18€)
  • Website

8. Last, but not least Dubai Restaurant: Al Khayma Heritage

Khayma Heritage has only recently opened its doors to its guests and already enjoys great popularity among both locals and tourists. For me, this restaurant is one of the most authentic restaurants in Dubai. Not least because of the grandiose location, which reminds you of 1001 nights. Nearby is also the “real” old town, a place that is also worth a visit.

Did you know? The chef of the restaurant used to be the ex-chef of Sheikh of Sharjah. Good food is basically guaranteed. You have to try the saffron tea as well as the delicious shrimp soup. Both just melt in your mouth! Sounds tempting? It is!

  • Sparkling Rating: 8/10
  • Contact: hi@alkhayma.com / (+971) 551802080
  • Main course starts at 60 AED (circa 14€)
  • Website

Enjoy Dubai!

Best, Be-Sparkling!

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