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Fairytale luxury stay at Schlosshotel Wendorf

by Miriam Ernst

Does not everyone dream of residing royally in a castle for one night, just like a princess? If you want to leave the hustle and bustle of life behind, I have the absolute insider tip for you! Not far from Schwerin lies the beautiful Schlosshotel Wendorf. Read all about my impressions of the fairytale stay I had in the only 5-star hotel in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Take yourself back to 130 years ago and be seduced by the charm of the old dukes. Of course, I will also share tips and recommendations on what you can do around the castle hotel in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

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Advertisement: Your trust is very important to me: This article was written in cooperation with the Schlosshotel Wendorf. But every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion.

About the Schlosshotel Wendorf

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, exterior view, drone, 5 - Star- Hotel, holiday in Germany, luxury holiday

As soon as you enter the property, you feel completely taken back to a forgotten time. The castle Wendorf, which was built about 130 years ago on the foundations of an old knight’s castle, captures you directly with its unique charm. The furnishings were deliberately retained in the original style. I felt at home and walked through the property with a light and warm feeling, which I can’t say for many other mansions and their partly spooky rooms. 

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, 5 - Star- Hotel, holiday in Germany, luxury holiday, old castle, chandelier
Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, 5 - Star- Hotel, holiday in Germany, luxury holiday, rooms, suites, megaphone, wallpaper, armchair

Wendorf Castle is a small estate with a spacious castle garden. You feel as if you own the whole castle, since you almost have this castle for yourself. When you step outside, you’ll have a view from the terrace directly onto the horse paddock. From here, you can enjoy the view of the green surroundings. All this makes the Schlosshotel Wendorf a unique place where you can quickly come to rest. And what could be better than sitting with a cup of tea in the beautiful, light-flooded orangery and leave the hectic everyday life behind? 

In the past, the stables for the horses of the old lords were located exactly where the equestrian arena of the 5-star hotel is located today. The tournament horses were accommodated and trained here.

Chess salon, chess, Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, 5 - Star- Hotel, holiday in Germany, luxury holiday

An absolute highlight of the Schlosshotel Wendorf is the Chess Salon! This noble room, which is supposed to serve the guests as a kind of living room, invites you also to play chess. The chessboard is simply fascinating, because it is such an ancient, conventional chessboard just as the dukes once had. You can see, no matter where you’ll go – you can always feel the centuries of history and tradition, which was once built in the 11th century.

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Miriam Ernst, Schwerin, 5- Star- Hotel, Orangery
Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, 5- Star - Hotel, Orangery, Breakfast hall

Location: Between Rostock and Schwerin – High class holidays in Germany

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, exterior View, 5- Star Hotel, holiday in Germany, luxury holiday

Located between Hamburg and Berlin, 90 minutes by car from Rostock and only 30 minutes away from Schwerin, the enchanting castle hotel is located in the village of Kuhlen-Wendorf. The gourmet restaurant “Cheval Blanc”, which belongs to the hotel, is right next door and also the Winston Golf Club can be reached in only ten minutes so you can practice with your equipment from pineclubgolf.com. If you’re looking for more great golf courses for your holiday trips, be sure to check out Best Spanish Golf Courses.

The rooms: Living like the old dukes of Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, 5- Star Hotel, rooms, luxury suits, megaphone, wallpaper, armchair

The Schlosshotel Wendorf has a total of nine individually tailored luxury suites that are reminders of the past time. None of the rooms is like the other. Antiques, old art sculptures and noble wall wallpapers decorate the ambience of the noble suites. I felt simply royal and fabulous in my huge suite, equipped with a large old wooden bed, my own kitchen equipped with state of the appliances from retrokitchenappliances.net and a beautiful marble bathroom! Everything really seems so majestic! And although the tones of the furniture seem dark at first sight, they are well combined with colorful curtains. The room is bright, friendly and inviting. I fell directly in love with the gold-plated bathtub in the marble bathroom. I would really die to have a bathroom like this in my home! 

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, luxury suite, rooms, wooden bed
Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, luxury suite, bathroom, marble, gold -plated bath tub

Wellness in the historic vaulted basement of Schloss Wendorf

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, wellness, Spa, wellness area, deck chairs

How about relaxing a bit in the hot tub? Those who feel ready for wellness, are in very good hands one floor below in the historic vaulted basement of the Schlosshotel Wendorf. This is where the gym and wellness area are located. Although Spa & Beauty are located in the basement, there are windows here and the atmosphere is light. The old castle walls provide a feeling of peace and tranquility – it is really quite cozy down here! You first enter the changing rooms (men and women separately) before you enter the public area. The sauna area of the Schlosshotel Wendorf offers a Finnish sauna, bio sauna and a steam bath. To cool down after your sauna session, I recommend you to go outside for some fresh air on the beautiful castle terrace. If you want to cool down even more, you can also jump into the natural bathing lake in the castle park for the absolute refreshing effect.

Those who seek for physical exercise can enjoy the gym with a choice of Yoga, Pilates or fitness activities. And if you feel like getting pampered, I definitely recommend one of the feel-good massages or cosmetic treatments offered by Schlosshotel Wendorf. The massage and beauty area is separate from the sauna and gym, so you can let yourself go undisturbed. You can choose between relaxation or Ayurveda massages or have a pleasant cosmetic treatment. My treatment, including massage and cosmetic treatment, lasted for 90 minutes – and was deep relaxation pure! Although I usually prefer more powerful massages, the wellness massage paired with targeted pressure was perfect for relaxation. So, for everyone who needs a classic massage to calm down, this is just the right thing. The external cosmetic guru of the Schloss Wendorf sprays an enormous, pleasant effect on one. You notice directly, she does live for her job.

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, wellness, spa, sauna

Dine royally at the gourmet restaurant “Cheval Blanc”

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Restaurant Cheval Blanc, Gourmet Restaurant, Fine Dining

Gourmet lovers watch out! Right next door you’ll find the gourmet restaurant “Cheval Blanc”, which belongs to the Schlosshotel Wendorf. This restaurant serves international and regional cuisine at the highest culinary level. The ambience is similar to a French bistro and appears inviting, almost familiar. In summer you can also sit on the terrace and enjoy the view of the castle. The waitress also looked as if he had been cut out at that time. Coherent to the ambience! I love to challenge waiters a bit, but I only got great recommendations right from the beginning and could enjoy my choices such as the “Spice Aperol”. This variation of Aperol is composed of ginger beer and is insanely delicious! The olive oil served with the meal was simply bombastic, so you can see even the little details are just right! My absolute culinary highlight? The port wine – cassis – shallots sauce! I would have loved to take a bath in this sauce, literally! I actually found it so good that the chef had to come out so that I could ask him about the recipe. After dinner, you can switch over to the small, charming cigar lounge and enjoy the evening with good conversation in a noble ambience. How about my resume? From the kitchen as well as from the service, you will immediately recognize that the “Cheval Blanc” is a top-class gourmet restaurant.

Schwerin – My recommendations for an excursion tip in Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Schlosshotel Wendorf, Schwerin, Schwerin Castle, Miriam Ernst, excursion destination Mecklenburg Vorpommern, holiday in Germany

Finally, I’ll give you a few recommendations on what you can still experience outside the Schlosshotel Wendorfs, in case it gets too relaxed for you and you want to get out for a while – no matter how beautiful the property is. The most beautiful city nearby is definitely Schwerin and so I have put together a few must-sees in Schwerin for you. If you want to get a taste of the Baltic Sea air and have enough time, even for more distant destinations, I recommend you to go to the cities of Wismar or Stralsund. Wismar is a 40-minute drive from the Schlosshotel Wendorf and Stralsund is less than two hours away. Both cities have been declared UNESCO World Heritage due to their historic old town and are absolutely worth seeing.

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle, Schwerin, excursion destination Mecklenburg Vorpommern, holiday in Germany

If you are in Schwerin – you should not miss a visit to the Schwerin Castle. The fairytale castle of Schwerin is located in the middle of an island at the Schwerin lake. Walk through the castle park and let the fantastic scenery, and the former residence of the old dukes of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern impress you. Schwerin Castle is one of the most famous of all castles and manor houses in the district of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – and should definitely be a must see on your list of top excursion destinations.

National Museum Schwerin

Do you feel like going on a museum trip? Would you like to learn more about the history and culture of the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern? Then, I definitely recommend a visit to the National Museum Schwerin. With more than 100,000 collections of artworks and numerous exhibitions, the museum is a great place to stop by in the afternoon. And how about a café latte afterwards, in one of the many cafés in the city center?

Mecklenburg State Theatre

Right next to the State Museum is the Neo-Baroque State Theater. An absolute recommendation for all who love the theater. If you are also interested in a look behind the scenes of a theater, you should definitely take a guided tour. Here you will get exciting insights into the history of the house and all around the events behind the stage. And the square in front of the theater alone is well worth seeing, with its many monuments, beautiful architectural buildings and the fantastic view of Schwerin Castle and the lake.

More tips from Schwerin and its surroundings?

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