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Best Bars in Stuttgart

by Miriam Ernst

Today I am writing about a city where I only lived for 6 months, but which feels like home to me. 60 km northeast is the city I grew up in, so I’ve been here a lot – even before I moved. Well, do you have any idea which city it is? I would like to present to you the best bars in Stuttgart! Now, there is a lot that makes a good bar, and everyone prefers different things. But some things that make all-rounder good bars, is the atmosphere, the decor, the lighting, the music and of course, the drinks! So a candlelit bar with slow music, elegant looking cocktails and perhaps a funky bar sign with lights would go down more of a treat than a lighter, airy, more exposed atmosphere, it hasn’t got that mysterious exciting feel to it. So anyway, enough about the idea of bars, let me tell you about some actual bars! There are so many in Stuttgart, it’s heaven for me.

Advertising: Your trust is very important to me: This article was written in cooperation with Tourismus Stuttgart. But every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion.

Stuttgart is not the largest city in Germany, nor is it located by the sea. BUT when it comes to food & drinks, the city really has a lot to offer. If you don’t know the city yet, you’ll find some impressions of the city at the end of this article that have nothing to do with bars ­čÖé

Here come my favourite spots in Stuttgart for a cocktail, a glass of wine and simply a cosy evening with friends:

My Favourites: The best Bars in Stuttgart


Beste Bar in Stuttgart, Waranga

An absolute in-spot for so many reasons!

The Waranga Bar is located directly in the centre above the Schlossplatz. Already 12 years ago, when I went to Stuttgart again and again over the weekends, it was one of the top bars – and until today nothing has changed! During the day you can sit outside and enjoy the sun or get a drink and sit a little further down on the stairs. Who prefers the nights in the stylish Waranga Club should enjoy the hip “Herbal Whiskey Sour“!

  • Adress: Kleiner Schlo├čplatz 15 (70173 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 99799266
  • Webpage

Jigger & Spoon

Jigger and Spoon, beste Bar in Stuttgart

You can’t miss this exclusive bar. Once a bank vault, the Jigger & Spoon now boasts an exceptional ambience and has been voted Germany’s best bar 2019! To emphasize is the excellent service and the perfect flair. Order your own cocktail from the barconcierge and really enjoy top drinks with relaxed jazz music. They’ve really implemented some innovative bar menu ideas, because not only are the drinks great, but the food is delectable too! From time to time you can also find invited star barkeepers at the Jigger & Spoon, who will bring their own menu into the house for an evening or a weekend.

  • Address: Gymnasiumstra├če 33 (70174 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 21952260
  • Webpage

Le petit Coq

In the south of Stuttgart you will find a very special bar, which is run by the owner Ferro F. Ceylan himself. The interior is reminiscent of a gentleman’s club of the 1920s and Ferro inspires with its own creative mixes and extraordinary drinks such as the Triple Smoke, which impresses with smoke and tobacco essences. A secret tip for true whiskey lovers! But even those who are not a fan of whiskey and smoke essences will find a drink here. Just say what your favourites are at the bar and one of the barkeepers will create the perfect new drink to fit into this line!

P.s. Ferro himself describes his Sazerac cocktail as the best in town – although I can’t confirm that, it’s definitely a very good one!

  • Address: Hauptst├Ątter Str. 59 (70178 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 1523 3604352
  • Webpage


Eduards, Miriam Ernst, beste Bar Stuttgart

If you love it a little more relaxed, you should take a closer look at Eduard’s in the elegant Dorotheen quarter. This architectural eye-catcher is named after Eduard Breuninger, the founder of the famous department store. In a modern ambience you can relax with the in-house gin. However, my personal recommendation and absolute surprise was the Rose-Spritz! As an absolute Aperol-Spritz lover I was enthusiastic about the different Spritz variants. Also otherwise the ambience is super and who would like to meet directly after the work here, finds also two delicacies on the menu to get beside the good drinks also something in the stomach.

  • Address: Sporerstra├če 16 (70173 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 2112201
  • Webpage

Fou Fou

Fou Fou, beste Bar Stuttgart, Tresen, Theke

As the name suggests, things are a little crazier here! Maybe it’s just this relaxed, informal way that makes the Fou Fou one of my best bars in Stuttgart for a long time! It could also be due to the delicious cocktails and the New York flair. In the middle of the Heugsteigviertel and the Red-Light-District of Stuttgart you will find the bar. By the way, this is also the perfect place for bar-hopping, because you’ll find some bars from this list nearby!

  • Address: Leonhardstra├če 13 (70172 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 51891511
  • Webpage

Paul & George

Industrial chic and stylish bartenders – that is the motto of Paul & George in the Heugsteigviertel. The unrendered brick walls radiate a touch of New York and the service leaves nothing to be desired, from free water to first-class drinks. An absolute scene shop, even if still relatively young!

  • Address: Weberstra├če 3 (70172 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 72695181
  • Webpage

Walther Weinhaus – taste that wine!

At “Walther” it’s worth taking a look behind the classic names. Because here no conventional wine dealer awaits you, but a charming meeting place for young people who appreciate regional and international wines. And if you still think that “Walther” is the owner, you will be misled. Because the sympathetic name giver is the dachshund of Olaf Sperling! If you want to enjoy a glass of exquisite wine in a relaxed atmosphere, Calwer Stra├če is the place to be.

  • Address: Calwer Stra├če 58 (70173 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: 01514 1419227
  • Webpage

Wolfram Terrace in the Jaz Hotel

If you are looking for a really extraordinary bar, I recommend the Wolfram Bar & Terrace! Dark colours, a wall wallpaper in ray skin look and lounge furniture are topped by a Balinese four-poster bed! But the real highlight is the terrace, which is located on the roof of the Jaz Hotel and offers an impressive view over Stuttgart! During the day in explorer mode, you can enjoy the sea of lights at night with a homemade special drink made mainly from regional and seasonal ingredients. Delicious creations await you in a breathtaking location!

  • Address: Wolframstra├če 41 (70191 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 96984920
  • Webpage


Access to the UHU is so secret that even the photos on the website can only be viewed with a password. And at the mirrored entrance door the owner himself stands and selects his audience. Personal invitations are an advantage, as Oskar knows every one of his seasoned guests. This is where the celebrities of Stuttgart meet – more cult is not possible, even if you look at the bright red interior.

Above the bar is a pleasure house and next to it – in the middle of Stuttgart’s Red-Light-District in the Heugsteigviertel you will find the small and from the outside completely inconspicuous bar. If you want to go to the Uhu Bar, get dressed up and try it early. The later the more exactly the entrance is checked at the door.

  • Address: Leonhardstra├če 4 (70172 Stuttgart)
  • Contact: (+49) 711 246142
  • Webpage

These were my ultimate scene tips for you! What do you know – what would you like to try next? Tell me about your experiences, stories and experiences! If you don’t have enough, here are some additional bar tips and at the end of the article some impressions of the beautiful city of Stuttgart.

More Top Bars in Stuttgart:

Schwarz wei├č Bar

With professionalism and distinctive hospitality, a bar with cult status has been created here! Special praise goes to the extraordinary drinks, which you can enjoy in a very charismatic atmosphere!


A completely different experience is offered by the Schankstelle, you can guess it – a converted petrol station! Retro look, innovative ideas like tire lamps and illuminated water canisters are the perfect location for an exuberant after-work party every Thursday. The mixture of industry style and hip bar location has succeeded here near the station!

Sky beach

This beach bar above the rooftops of Stuttgart is definitely the best place to be on hot summer days! With lots of sand, deckchairs and cool chill out music you will get your guaranteed beach feeling! A cool drink under palm trees? Here it is possible!

More Tipps about Stuttgart

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Impressions of Stuttgart

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