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Hotel Review: Titanic Chaussee Berlin

by Miriam Ernst
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Titanic Chaussee Berlin


  • Adress: Chausseestrasse 30, Berlin
  • Contact:  (+39) 30 31168580
  • Check in time:  3:00 PM // Check out time: 12:00 PM
  • Website

Distance to centre: less than 1 km
Price range: 90 € – 120 € / night
Stars: ****
General Style: Business
Be-Sparkling Rating: 7/10

I have been staying already two times at the Titanic Chaussee Hotel in Berlin, the first time only for one night and the second for full 9 nights.

I can not tell you 100% if this is a positive or negative review, I have reasons for not going back as I have for definitely going back for my next stay in Berlin.

But let me start from the beginning:

The first time I arrived at the reception I was very much impressed by the style and comfort of the lobby welcoming you. The staff was really friendly, however was somehow not able to create the key card for my room, so I was accompanied to the room. It was during the day so at first I did not even recognize this, but without keycard I of course did not have any electricity. I went for lunch and when I got back the keycard system did finally work.

I was impressed by the friendliness of the staff and really liked the room. There was not a lot of noise, the bed was so amazingly comfortable and the room was nicely decorated.

At the day of my checkout however I got surprised by a cleaning man, which opened my door also if there was the sign to not disturb outside of my room. I was just about to change to it was a very awkward moment.

When I went finally down to check out at 12:00 AM my credit card did not seem to work with their system and it took them a while again till I finally was able to pay for the room rate.

Two weeks later when I ‘ve already been in Spain for a while I checked my bank account and saw that there have still been blocked two rates on my account. I immediately called the hotel and asked them friendly to let free of this money. 3 days after this the account did not change and I did call a second time. This second time one of the two blocked rates was let free, the other one however remained blocked by the hotel, which got me to call the third time not as the happiest customer.

My second stay was quite similar to my first one. Entering the hotel I experiences super friendly staff and felt welcome right away. The room key-card was printed easily and entering my room I enjoyed the comfortable bed directly.

However the day after the same story happened again. I left my room for circa 30min with the clear sign that I didn’t want to be disturbed. I had to work from the hotel the whole day and didn’t want to risk entering my room without being able to start to work directly afterwards. I also left all my work sheets spread over the floor.

I came back and of course my room was cleaned and my bed was made.

When I called that same day to the reception, asking how the Spa usage is working and they told me, that the Spa was NOT included I just was so disappointed.

One BIG reason why I chose that hotel was exactly because of the Spa. I did not have a lot of free time during my working days in Berlin, but the free moments I’d like to enjoy in the Spa – but I couldn’t.

The receptionist felt my disappointment after me telling her the full story and called the desk manager.

After explaining parts of the story a second time the frot desk manager offered me to get the free Spa access and one free massage of my choice as a nice “sorry” for what have happened.

I of course accepted, what was there else to say?

I know I did tell you a lot of not so positive things about this hotel, but I must say I still did enjoy my stay there. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the breakfast buffet is good and also here the staff was always super friendly, the room is super comfortable and I did not sleep often that well in a hotel bed – so all in all I can not tell you if I’d go back in this hotel, or what I would suggest you to do. I am sure that this happening is not repeated with each guest and I am sure that most of the visitors have a more than pleasant stay in the Titanic Hotel Chaussee.

Further down you can find all details in an overview and al the photos taken during my stay.

Titanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, bar, lobby, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, bar, lobby, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, bar, lobby, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, hotel room, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, hotel room, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, hotel room, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, hotel room, berlinTitanic Hotel, Titanic Hotel Chaussee, Room, modern, hotel room, berlin


  • Wifi: 7/10 – it is working well and is fast enough also for good Skype calls, how ever I experiences two out of 9 days, where the landing page did not open, which made it impossible for me to connect.
  • Printing: 10/10 Simply write an email to:    indicating you room number.
  • Spa: The Spa is not included in the Booking.com price and remains at 12,50 € / day
  • Gym: ?/10 Included in every hotel booking, however I did not have the time to try it.
  • Wayfinding / Information: 9/10 The hotel is structured clearly and the staff is friendly


  • Room: 7/10 The room is concepted in a modern and stylish way. You have a big LED flat screen, a big window and a work desk.
  • Lobby: 9/10 Very stylish and comfortable


  • Bed: 9/10
  • Shower: 7/10 the water is not the strongest, however it is comfortable
  • Roomservice / cleaning: 8/10 They sometimes do miss to take used glasses out of the room and exchange this
  • Staff: 8/10 Very friendly


Best, Be-Sparkling

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Lydia C. Lee 24 May, 2016 - 8:55 PM

I loved berlin – we stayed elsewhere but I saw this one advertised (or we ate in the restaurant downstairs) – the meat place (maybe turkish – they’re famous with a few restaurants and all the famous footballers eat there)

MummyTravels 25 May, 2016 - 6:22 PM

This is such a thorough review – it’s so useful to know the things which aren’t so good before booking as well as the good. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

Packing my Suitcase 4 June, 2016 - 11:16 AM

Woow, really great review! Thank you for your honesty.
Disappointing about the problems you had, but great that most of the times they found a way to help you or compensate you, I think this means a lot!
Thank you so much for joining #MondayEscapes 😀


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