by Miriam Ernst
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I have discovered the most beautiful spots and the most delicious dishes in Grenada, a dream destination in the Caribbean, for you. What else awaits you if you are planning more than just a beach holiday, you can read here.

Advertisement: Your trust is very important to me: This article was created in cooperation with Grenada Tourism. However, every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion.

One look at the map and you can see how the Antilles stretch in a gentle sweep from the Dominican Republic over the “sung about” island of Barbados to the direction of Tobago off Venezuela. Grenada is one of the most beautiful islands, which you can easily explore on your own and which offers you abundant vegetation with fantastic beaches and picturesque bays.

Because of the many nutmeg plantations, along with ginger, cloves and cinnamon, Grenada is also known as the Spice Island. The most important export goods are nutmeg, sugar, bananas and cocoa – and therefore also chocolate, but more on that later.

General travel tips

The best time to travel to Grenada

Caribbean, Grenada; Grooms, Beach, Palm trees
Caribbean,Grenada, Grand Grooms Beach, Sand, Water

Temperatures in Grenada are at a average of 28-30 degrees all year round and rarely drop below 23 degrees at night. However, you should be aware of the rainy season, which lasts from June to November. Otherwise, there can be as many as 20 rainy days in one month, which is certainly not how you want your Caribbean holiday to be. There is also a risk of tropical cyclones during the rainy season, as Grenada lies in the hurricane belt. I was there in mid-November and experienced the climate and weather as very enjoyable. We did have a little rain shower here and there, but it was quickly forgotten. Honestly, I do like tropical rains , 10 minutes are passing where you think the world is falling apart and after that the sun immediately comes back!

How much time should you plan for ?

Grenada, Grand, Grooms, Beach, Nature, Sand, Ocean

If possible, you should spend at least 1 week in Grenada. However, for a more relaxed approach to your trip and to gain even more impressions, I recommend 10 – 14 days, as there is really a lot worth seeing to discover. What exactly, you can read below.

Is Grenada safe?

At no time did I have any concerns about being in danger, although the crime rate has risen in recent years. However, these are primarily pickpockets and not violent crimes, according to the Foreign Office. I would be wary of secretive, dark alleyways, as in any other country, and pay cashless if possible. Nevertheless, always have some cash with you, because if something really happens to you, the robbers usually leave quickly as soon as they have received about 50-80 euros from you.

Money and Currency in Grenada

The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), but US dollars, US dollar travellers’ cheques and major credit cards are also accepted.

The prices are not quite cheap. For a cappuccino, for example, you will pay €2.50 in Grenada, and a night in a four-star hotel costs an average of €180.

Clothing & Packing Tips for Grenada

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With Grenada’s tropical climate, there are hardly any temperature fluctuations, so you are well equipped with loose, light summer clothes and a rain jacket for emergencies (to be honest, I never carry one!). A light jacket and long trousers for the evening will complete the outfit. I love having a scarf with me, so you can throw it on whenever it’s a bit chilly.

If you want to explore this beautiful island, which I strongly recommend, you should pack sturdy shoes. Especially if you dive into the depths of the Jungle like I did. Otherwise, you can dispose of your shoes afterwards. Some viruses can be transmitted by day-active mosquitoes, including dengue, which can cause fever, aching limbs and a skin rash. So protect yourself with plenty of mosquito spray! You can find out which products are suitable here.

By the way, it is a no-go to wear swimwear outside the beaches. This also applies to all gentlemens.

Tip: Pack a travel adapter, because not all places offer our standardised sockets to charge our beloved mobile phone.

Entry, Airports & Flights

Currently, there are no exceptional entry requirements for German citizens. You will receive a residence permit for 4 weeks with your passport, which must have a remaining validity of more than 6 months. An additional travel visa is not required.

Fortunately, there are now direct flights from Frankfurt to Grenada and so I landed safely after just five hours with Condor. Gone are the days of stopovers and unhappy waits. It is now so easy to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life that even short stays in the Caribbean are worthwhile. If you are thinking of going over, you will need to make sure that you have all your accommodation sorted out in enough time, so checking out places like the Cap Juluca Hotel Anguilla or a rented apartment near the beach, will help you get it all in line.

It was also very pleasant that the airport is only 15 km from the capital St. George and we could therefore check in quickly.

What is there to see in Grenada?

St. George – The colourful capital of Grenada

1. Spice Market St George

Grenada, Saint George, Street Market, Spice Market

Since Grenada is also known as the “Spice Island“, I naturally wanted to visit the market of the given name. But unfortunately I was disappointed. Instead of openly offered goods, the spices were already packaged and sold in a “tourist-friendly” way. No local is going to fill up his kitchen shelves here… If you enjoy the colourful and loud hustle and bustle with Caribbean music, you will certainly discover one or two other interesting sides at the open-air sales or in the market hall. For me personally, it was way too commercial and I missed the original market in it’s true sense.

House of chocolate

This is a small museum that tells the story of chocolate making in Grenada, with an equally small café where you can buy delicious cakes and of course, cocoa products. The history is kept very simple, but interesting enough to pay a visit to the lovingly furnished house.

Caribbean, Grenada, Saint George, Chocolate House

Let yourself be carried by the surrounding

What I liked best was just drifting through the colourful streets and keeping my eyes open. It doesn’t always have to be shopping – I also find it very interesting to gather impressions of the locals.

Caribbean, Grenada, Saint George, Girl, Locals

Grand Anse Craft & Spice Market

I can recommend you this market instead. Located directly on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach, the stalls are lined up in rows amidst green hills. You can buy handicrafts, spices and the usual souvenirs. The easiest and cheapest way to reach the market is by water taxi, which takes you directly from the cruise terminal to the harbour.

The best hotels

1. Spice Island Beach Resort

I spent four nights of my trip at the 5-star hotel on the beautiful Grand Anse Beach. The rooms are modern, very chic and clean. The bathroom had another special finesse, because I could see from the bathtub through the room to the sea! My number one highlight? I had a small private beach right in front of my terrace door including a hammock under palm trees with access to the sea!

The spa area was okay, but not exceptional. The food was good and plentiful. I would like to emphasise the attentive staff, because the service is top class and leaves nothing to be desired.

2. Silversands Grenada

Grenada, Silver Sands, Karibik, Pool, Palmen, Hotel

This hotel really impressed me. Silversands Grenada is the first modern business-style luxury hotel with comfortable, luxurious rooms. The hotel offers an exceptionally beautiful spa area and the best massage I have ever had. Both restaurants offer delicious food and excellent service in a great atmosphere.

Grenada, Silver Sands, Karibik, Pool, Palmen, Hotel

And as you can see here, I absolutely loved Grenada’s longest pool!

You can find more of my hotel reviews here.

Must See & Insidertipps

Food & Restauranttips

1. The Aquarium

Beach, sea, water, palm trees, lunch, dinner, table, terrace

You’ll find the restaurant at the end of Magazine Beach and it’s worth the walk there, for the gorgeous location. The Aquarium is exactly what you would expect from a beach restaurant. Traditional wooden floors, typical wooden furniture, a cocktail bar that also attracts guests during the day and, of course, delicious food! You should definitely book a table in advance so that you can sit directly by the sea and enjoy the breathtaking view of the bay.

The menu includes fish, chicken and spare ribs, which I personally didn’t like that much. But surprisingly, I can recommend the salad bar! Especially the quinoa and cucumber salad as well as the guacamole appealed to me, although I am not a salad fan!

Tip: Don’t miss the coconut cake and the chocolate soufflé for dessert! Then you can quickly forget the (unfortunately) unfriendly service.

Caribbean, Grenada, Magazine Beach Club, Food, Cake

2. Sails Restaurant

There are two Sails Restaurants on the island. The great advantage of one of these restaurants is its idyllic location in the small harbour of St. George. The covered terrace borders directly on the crystal-clear water, which of course makes for an unforgettable view. I can wholeheartedly recommend the lobster and prawns, but only in case you visit this restaurant with enough time, because the service is friendly but unfortunately very slow.

3. BB’s Crabback

This restaurant with its friendly service and beautiful location on the harbour is of course known for its starter, the crab plate. And I’m talking about a big crab here, not the small shrimps we know from the North Sea. The other dishes are also to be recommended. Whether jerk chicken, grilled fish or vegetarian dishes, everything is freshly prepared and well seasoned. Perhaps you would prefer to try the traditional goat dish? I can’t tell you anything about that taste as I haven’t tried it. By the way, typical dishes in Grenada are the one-pot wonder oil down (breadfruit and salted meat in coconut milk and turmeric), karhee (curry pot with various ingredients) and Grenadian spice cake (a spice cake). In terms of food and people this place was one of my absolute favourite restaurants;)

4. Coconut Beach

Nice relaxed ambience, located directly on Grand Anse beach. The dishes are rather simple, but the location makes it worth it. The restaurant is also well frequented by locals and is especially suitable on Thursdays to end the day with an “after work”.

Grenada, ocean, sea, water, beach, house, palm trees, ships, boats

The best excursions in Grenada

Grenada, ocean, sea, water, beach, house, palm trees

1. Magazine Beach

Caribbean, Grenada, Grand Magazine Beach

I discovered the most beautiful beach here. The backdrop with the curved coastline and the impressive rocks immediately reminded me of the Seychelles. The fine and soft sand made me sink into it up to my ankles.

The setting was so dreamlike that I could hardly decide between the crystal-clear water, the warm sand and the shadows of the palm trees.

2. Hash

If you want to really get to know the island and discover it on your own, you shouldn’t miss this “scavenger hunt”. Don’t worry, you’re not completely on your own. By the way, female hashers are called “Harriette”, the men “Harrier”.

Caribbean, Grenada, Hash, Forest, Trail

But be aware: You will quickly feel what physical exertion means in the tropics! So, dress comfortably and do better than me and take proper shoes with you. Unfortunately, my sandals sank into the mud during the tour! Funny in retrospect, but slippery and disgusting at the time.

Caribbean, Grenada, Hash, Forest, Trail

And it was indeed a scavenger hunt, because after the instruction of our “Hash Master” we followed a trail of paper scraps right through the rainforest. How good that I didn’t know beforehand how strenuous it would be, because the area was quite mountainous! But the fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea you get then is definitely worth it. If you are adventurous and spend your holiday here, you should join the fun! (I even did the long round, but I was glad when we finally reached our destination. You can register here.

3. Grand Anse Baptiste Kirche

Caribbean, Grenada, Grand Anse, Baptiste Church

Although I actually wanted to refuse to go to church, it ended up being my absolute highlight on our tour. I’m not a fan of churches and don’t even go to one at Christmas. But in the end, I got over myself and it was really worth it! We were greeted so warmly right at the beginning as if we had belonged forever. The church has made it its mission to help people realise their full potential and to support them in living a purposeful life.

The atmosphere was extremely rousing and so we all sang, danced and hugged together with the gospel choir! So, you should have no fear of contact or inhibitions, because “strangers” may also be allowed to introduce themselves. (Of course, this was all before Corona Crisis and I have no idea about the taking place of current events!)

4. Concord Falls

Carribean, Grenada, ConcordFalls, jumping

The Concord Falls are located in the parish of Saint John on the west side of Grenada, about 13 kilometers north of the capital St Georges. The paths are well signposted, but it is still recommended to organize a guide. This also has the advantage that you will not only be accompanied, but also have fruit and vegetables explained to you that you might not have recognized at first glance. For example, breadfruit, sauerkraut, callaloo or calabash.

The Concord Falls have a total of three waterfalls. We reached the first, smaller “Au Coin” after about 3 km, passing banana and nutmeg plantations, the gravelly road led us higher and higher into the mountains of Grenada. The “little one” was a beautiful sight, but not breathtaking. We then continued only on foot along a trail (take plenty to drink!), along the Concord River upstream, which finally ended at the second and largest of the waterfalls, offering a truly pristine and paradisiacal view.

The atmosphere there is exhilarating and thunderous! A swim in the crystal-clear water is even allowed! You shouldn’t miss it, the way there was more than worth it. There was even a cliff diver who reminded me a lot of Mogli from the Jungle Book. He has been jumping down this high waterfall for 8 eight years for a few dollars! If you meet him, let him jump, he really earns his living doing it!

The way to the Fontainbleu, the third of the Concord Falls, was a bit more difficult and here the presence of a guide really paid off, who found even the most hidden paths and even cleared them with a machete if necessary. The Fontainbleu was only a small waterfall, but still worth seeing and the way there was an adventure.

Still not enough tips? Then check out Grenada’s top 11 best trips / things to do!


Grenada is worth a trip! Whether on a guided tour or on your own – this island is so pristine and so diverse, especially in its nature, that we were amazed again and again. In addition, the weather in Grenada is really pleasant for holidays and exploring the island.

More tips about Grenada?

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