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Termemilano: A Unique Spa Experience, Every Time!

by Miriam Ernst
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Termemilano: A Unique Spa Experience, Every Time!


In december I went back to Milan and as usually every year during the winter period I went to the QC Termemilano together with a close friend of mine.

I must say I really love this place. It is such an relaxing environment as you can not find it too often. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the Fire-Relax-Room was closed as it was my favourite. It wasn’t the same combined together with the air room.

But let me start from the beginning of the experience:

The entrance price is 45€ and during the weekend 50€ for the whole day access. It is good to reserve your place as sometimes (especially during the weekend) the maximum occupation is reached. If you have a yearly abbonement of the metro in Milan, you can get a discount of the entrance ticket by showing it.

When you enter you will receive a bathrobe a towel, as well as slippers. Don’t use the towel till after you had your last shower, you will be happy to have a dry towel after all!

The Termemilano offers during all day different snacks to eat, during the morning sweet and salty snacks and fruits and in the afternoon an more extensive aperitif with an open wine bar.

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The atmosphere here is beautiful and relaxing, everybody in their bath towels and slippers 😉

You will find different relax areas: Water, Air, Fire and Wind. Each one of them is created in its own styling and represents the theme perfectly.

Upon entering you should ask about the “free events” that are offered during the day. You normally can do a face-scrub, a hair mask and a couple of sauna events. Go the the indicated place on time as it is getting full soon and they have only limited availability.

milano, sauna, milan, terme, termemilano, spa, relax

I remember at one point there were still people waiting outside and they still had enough product to also serve the waiting visitors, but they didn’t and upon asking answered really unfriendly. I must say that was the only bad experience I have ever had here.

Then dont forget to use the scrub that is offered for free on the floor -1, it leaves your skin as soft as it can be!

milano, scrub, hammam, milan, terme, termemilano, spa, relax

They offer different saunas and Hamams, but my favorite one is the one outside in the old tram. The temperature is not very high, so that you can relax there for quite a while. Especially during the evening when it starts to get cold outside this is the best place to warm up for a while before you’ll go out in the cold air again.

milano, sauna, tram, milan, terme, termemilano, spa, relax

milano, sauna, tram, milan, terme, termemilano, spa, relaxI can’t really say anything about the treatments that are offered by the Termemilano as I didn’t get the chance to try them, but everything had an amazing touch in my opinion!

Enjoy it there and have a great day !

Best, Be-Sparkling

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