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New Year, New You!

by Miriam Ernst
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Being still in the first month of the year, I was thinking it is time for a blog post on how to start stylish in the new year. New year, new you is all about the fact, that you have different aims for this year and I can assure you feeling good about yourself will only make the accomplishments easier ! So here are my rules on how to be a “New and Stylish You” in 2016:

New Year, New You, New Power



Weather you have the perfect body index, have in your opinion a little too much or too less … go to the gym! Especially now in the winter period it is difficult to get your ass up and go exercising or do anything at all… I get it ! But exactly because of that it is important to start doing some sort of sport. Of course Gym is just a word that will reach the most of you, but going to play tennis, volleyball or run in the forest all is perfectly fine, as long as you do it at least twice a week ! If you need to find some extra motivation to go to the gym, you could get yourself a new outfit, such as one of these women’s co ords, to help you feel like you look the part and get yourself in workout mode.

I am used to falling in a small “winter depression” as I call it, the mood to go out is quite limited when your couch is smiling at you the same way the sun normally does, but the longer you give into this, the harder it is to get back on track. If I don’t do any exercising at all I am way more tired than I am now, and as weird as it sounds, the less I do, the more sleep I need.

I have started this week again to do my twice a week routine, who is with me?

New Year, New You, New Hair

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Do something new! A new you also needs a little change ! If you are thinking since a lifetime to cut your hair, do it ! If you were thinking of a color change, do it !

The new year hast yet no limits, so just start to become who ever you want to be at the end of the year ! Of course, a hair color is not going to change your personality, but it might give you the fresh start you needed !

And for whom is not yet ready to do a make-over just give your hair an extra shine and strength! I have tried a lot of dry-hair make-over, what best helps? Just adding olive oil in the length of the hair, keep it in during the night, or at least 3 hours and wash it out as you normally do. You will see more shine and better flow of your hair !

New Year, New you, New Skin


It is not yet the time to have a full-body scrub before going on holiday (at least for the most of us) but having a good scrub will help your skin to freshly start breathing this new year. My best tip? Make your own scrub ! Mix coffee powder, olive oil and big salt grains, BUT be aware to apply it in a closed shower as the coffee mix might get a bit messy ! Let the scrub after applying soak for about 5 minutes and then wash it of and shower as you normally do.

The coffee powder helps your skin to activate, the olive oil makes it soft and the big salt grains reinforce the scrub! If you want to use the scrub also in your face I would recommend to use it without the salt grains. The skin in your face is more sensible and might get irritated. Also be aware to not get anything of the self-made scrub in your eyes!

While using it for the face, it would be ideal to prep the face a little, before applying the scrub. You could choose to go non-chemical in this too- by washing your face with distilled water as it tends to clean impurities and unclogs pores, without any additional chemical requirement. If you choose to do so, you could order a distilled water 5l bottle (or one according to your requirement) and avail of its benefits.

New Year, New You, New Summer



Yes there is no sun and no blue sky out there, but that doesn’t keep you from having a beautiful tan on your skin ! Go to a solarium, hop in for just some minutes and you will already feel less in a winter mood than you did before!

New Year, New You, New Person

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And, after all, get relaxed! The year has just begun and there is no need to freak out or be too worried about things. There is a saying that however you start the year you will live it. So try to keep things smooth and enjoy your free time whenever you can. You could even use something like CBD oil UK to try and increase your relaxation in the evening before you settle down to bed. If this is not yet enough, then get a 4-handed massage in a Spa close to you, I can assure you it is an experience you will never forget and you could lose all the tension within minutes! There are different kinds of spa treatments that you can avail of. Based on your budget and the time you have, you can look at options that seem most feasible to you. However, you may want to do a bare minimum of research as some treatments like Float Therapy, for instance, tend to have side effects (check out this blog – http://floattank.net/sensory-deprivation-side-effects/). So, it is best to do some research on your own or ask professionals who can provide better assistance.

How have you started the new year so far?



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Shivam 19 January, 2016 - 8:28 PM

When it’s comes to fashion or travel or lifestyle Miriam is the best her every word connects with so good fashion never felts so easy that every day you feel special and awesome about yourself that is everyday will be amazing:)

Miriam Ernst 20 January, 2016 - 8:47 AM

Thank you Shivam, you really understood what I want to tell my readers about fashion and style πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment!

kemmy 23 January, 2016 - 12:19 AM

I love this piece, i learnt a whole lot.

Miriam Ernst 24 January, 2016 - 10:51 PM

I am glad it helped you πŸ˜€


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