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Best party places in Seminyak (Bali travel guide)

by Miriam Ernst
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We are getting to an end and next week I will publish my last post of my Seminyak series. I hope that my tips are helpful and will create you even more pleasant stay in Seminyak and to fall in love with Bali as I did!

Here are my favourite Nightlife and Party places in Bali:

La Favela
Our first evening in Seminyaj after all the relaxing time in Ubud, of course we wanted to go out! But where to go, when you are not in the mood for a real discotheque ?

Go to La Favela! I think everyone I have ever met in Bali has been to La Favela! If you don’t know what to do? Go there! If you’re not really in the mood to go out, but doesn’t want to stay home? Go there ! If you want to have the best party night, start in La Favel and go on!
It’s just a place that is all over easy going and right for any mood!
Entering the place you walk over a long bridge in a jungle similar created area. It is crowded as of 11pm!

But don’t stay in the inner part of the place, go further and stay outside in the ‘jungle! !

Drinks are not the best quality I have to say, but this is not a place of luxury or class ! It is a place of fun and a place where you don’t care!
People from all over the world come here and I am sure you will have a great time and will meet a lot of people!



Probably the most famous club on Bali! KuDeTa is a beautiful beach club where you can enjoy an incredible sunset, a restaurant and definitely a club that is worth talking about!

The famous ‘white party’ that the club hosts once a year in August attracts hundreds and hundreds of visitors every time! I remember te beautiful scenery that was build up at the entrance area!

The club itself is quite posh but with people, that are still willing to have fun and enjoy themselves. So yes you will have to pull out your heels and get in that new dress you bought, but you will not find people just showing off but a wide range of people just enjoying the party.

La Plancha

This is a more laid back place. A place where you go for watching the sunrise weather then for a long party night out, it’s not one of the famous beach clubs in Seminyak but definitely one of the places you have to visit at least once when you are in town!

I had the best sunset experience in this charming place! All the comfortable and various coloured bean bags, the kitsch umbrellas and the flair of the view makes out of this beach bar a magic place.

The best is to get here at around 4:30 PM, get a bean back in the front row, have a cocktail and just enjoy the sun while slowly going down.

This is also a great place to have lunch at the beach during the day, I had the Pepes Ikan ( Local fish cooked in spices and wrapped in a banana leaf) and it was just delicious. Also the huge orange juice is just the perfect thing to drink during a hot summer day!

Jenja Club

This is a place that is more in Legian then in Seminyak, but from the look and feel it is definitely part of the great party places, that you can find in Seminyak. This place is elegant, architectural impressive and the interior chosen with great taste.

The club opens from Wednesday till Saturday night, offering every night different djs and different music styles. Mostly the club invites to deep electronic and house beets, for which the great sound system is perfect to make your party night unforgettable.

It is a restaurant, a bar and a club. I have only been here for a night out tho, so I can not really judge the rest. But be sure to find fun people and a club, that is far away from what you can see in Kuta, and from the other posh clubs in Seminyak.

I have heard from some people, that the personal is not the friendliest over here. The service standard in general in Bali is very high and the local people are very friendly. That this is not the same in a restaurant then in a club I think is clear, but I don’t have any negative comment on my experience here.

For me definitely a place I would go back again when visiting Bali.


Mint Club & Mirror Club

So then there are the two club “Mint” and “Mirror”. I have heard so many positive things about these two places, that I wanted to include them in the list although I haven’t had a chance to go there and see for myself. From the pictures I have seen both look as a fantastic location. Mint Club taken into the green colour (it is my favourite, have I already said this before?) and very interesting from interior styling, then the Mirror Club where it seems like being in a old fully mirrored church – magical as far as I can tell from the pictures!

I will definitely update this post when I get the chance to go back to Bali. Have you been to one of these two places?
If so, I’d be happy to read your experiences!



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