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Natura Selection – Helping others while going shopping

by Miriam Ernst
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Natura Selection

Last week my cousin came to visit me in Barcelona. She was searching for a dress to wear to a wedding, so we went on shopping tour.
We did not have the luck to find the perfect dress. All the “rebajas” did really destroy the most of the quality clothing, but we found an really interesting shop.

It is called “ Natura ”. This shop offers much more than quality clothing and small, funny items that are useful and nice presents.
It offers these things, for a super price and you will automatically help the Natura Award while buying something and all the people they work with are really good insured and taken care of.

This Award helps different good causes like “Fighting Children’s Malnutrition” and “Cans against hunger”.
You can read everything about it in the following link: Natura Award

I first did not believe that is possible for the prices they offer, but I further investigated and I am positively surprised.
Here you can find the shop: www.naturaselection.com

I have proudly bought a pair of sandals at Natura. I really love them.
They are elegant and have been really cheap, I payed only 15 euros! Check them out yourself and let me know what you think.

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