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Nhow Music Hotel Berlin Review

by Miriam Ernst
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Because of work I had to go to Berlin for a one-night-stay. My main point of interest was the Mercedes Benz Arena, where I will be working for the EuroBasket this year in September.

While I was searching for a nice hotel, that is as close as possible to the arena, the NHOW music hotel got my attention.

So I booked it.


Entering the lobby I had a really good feeling, everything was new, fresh and clean.

I checked in at the reception and the staff was friendly, although for my taste they did ask a bit too many questions. I have a lot of things to do and am not here to have a chit-chat with the receptionist. Not to seem unfriendly, but when you have a lot of hours in front of you there are moments you just can not stand these kind of questions.

The women at the reception offered me to a Spree-River-View room for 25euro up-price /night.

The hotel was long not fully booked, so they could have done this easily as a free upgrade. Who knows, I might have come back in September for a 10 day stay during the event that I’ll be working on. But when I asked if the upgrade hat to be payed she looked at me with a what-are-you-expecting- face and I declined. There are so many hotels where a free upgrade, when possible is no problem at all, but trying to sell me an upgrade upon check in doesn’t feel like a place I want to come back to.

Well, my room was on the 6th floor. Taking the elevator I was surprised of the bright green colour and the funky the design on the roof, that was awaiting me.


NHOW, NH, Hotel, Berlin, Elevator, Yellow    HNOW, NH, Elevator, green, berlin


The Prices for a room amout to 125 € per night, which is an okay price considering that they give you a free keyboard and other music instruments, if you wish for.

Breakfast for 28€ is totally overpriced tho. I will tell you in another post where to find the best Carrot-Cake in Berlin 🙂

The Rooms are as funky as the elevator is. The shower in the bathroom is half round, and the colours are as bright as they can get. But I slept really well. The mattress is comfortable and you can darken the room up to the maximum.

Really fun is the TV, that is hidden behind the dark mirror in front of the bed.




The service in the bar is okay, but the really interesting part about this hotel is, that they have a lot of live-music going on, so if you are a fan of this, I would definitely recommend the stay here. I checked the calendar and nearly every night there was some concert going on – lovely !

Last but not least I wanted to go to the Sauna, I am a big fan of it. But in order to use the Sauna you will be charged 5 euro extra, because of some new regulations, something, that was not explained on their homepage up on booking, and that definitely should be included by a price of 125 € a night.


Fazit, it is a music hotel, so if you are a music lover it is really an amazing and funky place, but if you go to Berlin for work or just searching for a nice hotel, Berlin has so much more to offer.


For who wants to check the webpage of the NHOW Hotel, klick here.


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