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by Miriam Ernst
Berlin, Germany, Rain, Shoes, wet

Where is the summer in Berlin ???

I had a business meeting with our client in Berlin and I was really lucky, that I came prepared.

Travelling from one place to another asks me to dress accordingly and to always be in line with certain work dress-codes.

But most important, the umbrella really saved me. So if you ever have to go to Germany for work I can assure you, bring an umbrella 😉
I still enjoyed the two hours of free time in Berlin going from the beautiful Brandenburger Tor to the Holocaust monument over the Alexanderplatz till the Potzdamerplatz. Berlin is really beautiful – also under the rain !


berlin, brandenburgertor, style

Brandenburger Tor Berlin


Umbrella, Monument, Berlin

This umbrella saved my day in Belin.


Berlin, Germany, Monument, Holocaust

Holocaust monument Berlin



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AllGudThings 17 April, 2017 - 10:27 AM

You look beautiful and Berlin too looks great in the rain. Holocaust monument seems worth exploring.


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