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Being precise and Why it is important

by Miriam Ernst
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Being precise


There are some small rules, that are very important if you want to be professional and grow in your job.
These are tips, that goes mostly to the beginners of their career. One of those tips is to be precise !
This might be something you have heard a lot, but trust me it will be this small thing that will make your work life, the life of who ever works with you, on the other side of you or over you so much easier!!
Being precise starts with small things that most of you will learn during your first year of working in a company. This is one of the small things, that change the step of no working experience to some working experience.
So what exactly does being precise mean?

Well it starts with organising your to do’s. If you go into a meeting, always bring a pen and paper with you. It shows interest and helps you out when from a normally small decision a whole new concept is being created.
When someone tells you things that you should take care of, write them down. It might doesn’t seem a lot at the moment, but especially when you think in this way, it is likely that you will forget a small detail that will cost you the trust of your superior.

If you have a long list of people to contact, make sure you tribble read the mails and check that you have added the right names. The same goes with being aware of not sending the same email to a person twice or even worst, that has already answered you. This might seem a mistake, that will never happen to you, but trust me, if you don’t organize your list accordingly and protocol who you have contacted… With a list over 200 persons this will happen also to you!

When you have to present something to colleagues or superiors try to always keep a clean and straight line. Start with why you are presenting it, why is it important and what results can be taken from it? Then explain the content of what you have found and at the end put a small summary.
If you will present every small thing in this way you won’t be 1 out of 100 persons anymore but will likely get more respect and bigger projects to work on. Also for you this is a good method to not loose track of the ‘file rouge’.

Being precise means having an eye for detail, that will let you stand out from others.

I think everyone is always partly struggling with this, or there is not enough time, or it is not your expertise, but sometimes to take an extra 5 minutes already make it work.

Here you can find a full list of things you’re going to learn during the first year working!

Have you ever experienced a moment where you did lack of preciseness ? Or where a person did not work on details and it made your life more difficult? I would love to hear your stories!

Best, Be-Sparkling!

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