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Aire de Barcelona: A unique luxury experience

by Miriam Ernst
Aire de Barcelona, Spa, Massage, Barcelona, Well beeing, Wellness, Hammam, Relax
Aire de Barcelona, spa, hammam

Aire de Barcelona – Spa and Hammam

Aire de Barcelona, Spa, Massage, Barcelona, Well beeing, Wellness, Hammam, RelaxAire de Barcelona, Spa, Massage, Barcelona, Well beeing, Wellness, Hammam, RelaxAire de Barcelona, Spa, Massage, Barcelona, Well beeing, Wellness, Hammam, RelaxAire de Barcelona, Spa, Massage, Barcelona, Well beeing, Wellness, Hammam, Relax

After my first experience at Aire de Barcelona I was really happy to have the possibility to go back and try one of their most exclusive treatments, the Argan Ritual to tell you about this experience.

The Aire de Barcelona is a Hammam situated in the center of Barcelona, in the famous old town, El Born. The location is beautifully created and has one of the most relaxing environments that I have seen in Barcelona. The experience starts just the moment you enter the building, where the reception desk area already gives an idea, where you are about to enter.

The ladies at the desk are friendly and very helpful with anything you need. The general entrance fee is 33€ or 48€ if you’d like to include a 15 minute massage. Upon entering you will find the divided sides for men and women, where you can get changed. An key-code locker is waiting for you with slippers, a bathrobe and a towel. For who hasn’t brought it, the Spa even offers hair ties.

While going down the stairs you can already smell the air of what is expecting you downstairs. You will be welcomed and showed around the hammam before you can start to enjoy the area for yourself.

The Hammam

The location downstairs gives you the feeling to be back in the ancient time. The smell and the music of the place is perfect combined with what the space is offering.

You can find different pool areas, one that includes salt to be used as a scrub. My tip, put the salt on, just before entering the hammam, which increases the effect and will let you with a soft and clean skin.

After the hammam I suggest you to always go into one of the two cold pools. This helps you to get your pressure up and to not feel tired after the experience. My favorite one is the one on the right side, where actual ice is fallen down continuously to keep the water on a low temperature. For who this might be too cold, go on the other side where you find a cold pool without the ice topping.

In between those you’ll fid the warmest water of all, I love to relax in here. And behind all these 3 pools you will find the biggest place whit a middle temperature.

One hidden secret is the whirlpool, not really a secret but hidden for sure. If you can’t find it just ask one of the instructors for where to go.

The Treatments

The Aire de Barcelona offers different type of treatments that you can choose from. Just be aware to always book up front, the treatments are nearly always booked out fully.

The 15 minute massage that is offered with the second package I describes is fulfilling and the team is professional and adapting the massage up on every’s body needs. My mother for example got a osteopathy similar treatment while I got a relaxing massage.

The Argan Ritual is one of the most luxurious treatments that the Spa offers and has a prices fixed on 143 € during weekends.

The ritual starts with a footh exfoliation with Argan ingredients. Following to the foot exfoliation and massage Sara, my masseur went on to a face massage using a special Argan serum, that was applied with Jade stones.

At a certain moment the main part begins and warm organ oil is applied over the full-body and will be worked into your skin by a full-body massage.

In between treatments I got surprised by a great smell that reached my nose from time to time. A nice detail, that I very much enjoyed.

The treatment is pure relaxation and leaves your skin with a natural shine and definitely softer than when you entered the Spa.


After your relaxing experiences you will be told my a light gong, that your time is over. Usually 2 hour of hammam experiences is more than enough.

When getting up the showers are directly to your left and you can find any product with the lady that is working there, you just have to ask. The hairdryers work perfectly and the offered products such as skin cream,  are of good quality.


I found a video about the Aire experience, while I was writing this article, my compliments it si beautiful ! Have a look here and feel the magic for yourself !

I will definitely go back here and try out one of the other treatments soon.

  •  Treatments:  Massages; Hammam; Rituals  – reservation necessary (!!)
  • Prices:  31 – 143 €
  • Adress: P/Picasso 22 (Barcelona)
  • Contact:  (+34) 932 955 743
  • Website

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Bhusha 8 April, 2017 - 1:33 PM

Wow! That’s so similar to the ancient Greek & Roman bathing rituals!!! I’d love to experience it too!! Thanks for the detailed review.

Tom @ Adventurous Travels 8 April, 2017 - 5:32 PM

That must have been a great experience! I love the way it had this underground feeling – a mix with stony walls and extremely modern and clean pools – amazing!

Ariane 9 April, 2017 - 7:54 AM

What a great place to stay… I can already imagine myself in the Hammam and getting those massages! Looks really classy and comfy!

Baskets Life Travel 9 April, 2017 - 10:33 AM

OH This is for sure my kind of place, a spa and amazing treatments and in the center of town! I love those pools and how cool it looks all underground! I love Barcelona I need to get here when we go back!

100cobbledroads 9 April, 2017 - 12:22 PM

What a lovely day filled with pampering, luxury and relaxation. Spa days are heavenly…they recharge and refresh you. And this retreat is just the kind that I would like. Not super expensive too.

Tamshuk 10 April, 2017 - 3:52 PM

Perfect place for a relaxing hammam experience.. The pools look divine really. Awesome retreat by the looks of it

quirkywanderer 10 April, 2017 - 5:29 PM

WHOA! I love spas and trying the local ones when I travel. The ambience is so rustic and charming. Should be an amazing experience! 🙂

Suruchi 11 April, 2017 - 10:30 AM

What an amazing experience it will be? A day full of pampering and relaxation. I loved their interiors and feel 2 hrs will be really less for me. I wont feel like coming out. Thanks for a great walk through. I will love to experience it myself someday.

Ana Ojha 11 April, 2017 - 5:22 PM

I’ve never experienced the ancient Greek & Roman bathing rituals! It sounds like a perfect day full of pampering and spending some ‘me’ time. I’d love to do it soon.


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