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Unique spa experience at Gutshof Woldzegarten

by Miriam Ernst

Are you already looking for travel alternatives in germany? Your last entry in Google search was ” holidays in Germany” or “travel Germany”? If so, then you are in the right place with this blog post! Especially in the current situation, a holiday in germany offers a wonderful alternative for all those who want to travel, but still want to stay close by and on a safer side. So today, I show you my impressions of a beautiful, romantic manor house with its own wellness area. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, about 90 km north-west of Schwerin, lies the charming manor house Woldzegarten. Gutshof Woldzegarten is perfectly suited for a weekend trip as a short-term getaway. Therefore, here are my tips about what you can experience in the Mecklenburg Lake Region and what my stay in the wellness hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten was like. Dive in into the world of the old mansions!

This article was written in cooperation with Gutshof Woldzegarten and mein Urlaub im Schloss. However, every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion. 

About the wellness hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Gutshof, Bauernhof, farm house, manor

You want to take a little time off? The beautiful manor house Gutshof Woldzegarten is located in the middle of the green nowhere. The more than 200-year-old half-timbered manor house Woldzegarten, spreads historical charm on a rebuilt vault from the baroque era with its preserved fireplace in the Gutsherrenstube and the old stable on the other site. Nevertheless the ambience is familiar and friendly. Only a few minutes away you will find a small lake, which reveals a beautiful sunset. If at some point you’re you need a break from the calm and quiet area, then take a trip to the city of Waren (Müritz) or to the surrounding castles, nature parks and lakes.

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, farmhouse

The location: Between Lake Müritz and Schwerin – holidays in Germany

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The small town Leizen is located 144 kilometers from Berlin and 90 minutes by car from Hamburg. Here you will find the beautiful Gutshof Woldzegarten, which is also not far from Rostock or Schwerin. It is only a 35-minute drive to the closest nearby town of Waren (Müritz) and Lake Müritz, which is also a wonderful place to explore.

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten, Miriam Ernst, Müritz, Außenansicht, Traktor, farmhouse, Tractor, Manor

Rustic wooden ceilings and farmhouse flair: The rooms of Gutshof Woldzegarten 

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Rezeption, reception, manor, farmhouse

The total 20 rooms of Gutshof Woldzegarten are kept very simple, but clean and cozy. You can have your room either with a view to the green fields, or with direct view to the neighbours farm. Rustic floorboards and wooden ceilings enhance the coziness factor. You certainly will experience farmhouse flair and depending on which side of the building your room is located, you can catch a glimpse of grazing horses. The hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten offers 5 different room types. I felt very comfortable in my standard double room and had enough space. Those who long for more spaciousness can also book a comfort or deluxe room. The up to 70 sqm large, high quality and two story apartments are suitable for families. Each of the apartments offers space for up to 6 people on the upper floor and a fully equipped kitchenette to complete the holiday home flair. For larger groups or guests of bigger events, the stable quarters offer space for up to 70 people. Historical flair is definitely in the air – fun fact: in the past, the same number of cows have been accommodated in here.

Wellness oasis Gutsherrenbad Woldzegarten

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Wellness, Wellnesshotel, Miriam Ernst, Spa, Spa Manor House Woldzegarten, relax

My personal favorite place for the best feel-good experience is located in the basement of the building. The panorama – glazed Gutsherrenbad with a large pool and a view of the greenery. It provides a wonderful winter garden feeling! This wellness oasis is perfect for resting on the lounges and to finally finish the book you started a long time ago. Just next to the pool area you can find the Saunarium with a Finnish and Bio sauna. My absolute tip: After the sauna just go outside and enjoy a relaxed cool down with fresh air. I promise, the view to the lake is just stunning!

Cozy flair in the fireplace restaurant

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Restaurant Flotows, Wellnesshotel, Kamin, Frühstückssaal, fireplace, cozy Flair, breakfast hall

You will find your way easy to the guesthouse’s own restaurant, as it is located directly in the middle of the manor house. The special feature is, that all the provided meals are coming from their own local farming and breeding. One of my personal highlights is definitely the fireplace room at breakfast, which enchanted me right from the beginning with its winter garden flair. Both, breakfast and dinner are served here in the fireplace chamber. In summer time you can enjoy coffee and cake on the sunny south patio. The delicious German-Mediterranean cuisine is sometimes served in buffet form, and sometimes in a three-course menu style. My absolute tip after the meal: Müritzer Gin! Whether at the Gutshof or during a trip to the city of Müritz, you should definitely try this regional gin made from juniper berries! Wild, spicy, elegant – that’s how I would describe this gin, which was unknown to me before. To all connoisseurs: This gin originated from the Müritz National Park scored 91 points in the Falstaff Bar & Spirits Guide!

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Wellnesshotel, Frühstückssaal, Frühstück,

Events and celebrations in the beautiful manor barn

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Gutsschuene, Feste, barn, events, celebration, manor, mansion, manor barn

I would like to mention one more special place of Gutshof Woldzegarten. An absolute highlight of the manor house is the barn! This special place has its very own charm and can be rented for weddings, parties and celebrations.

Travel tips Germany: Top locations in the region of Mecklenburg Vorpommern

You surely don’t want to relax in the pool all day, do you? Just in case you’re looking for some more action, I have listed the most beautiful locations in the surroundings of Lake Müritz. To complete the theme of the manor house flair, you will find more wonderful castles and mansions as well as nature parks and lakes, to explore outside of Gutshof Woldzegarten. The small town of Waren (Müritz) nearby is also worth a visit!

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Romantic castles and mansions in the surroundings

Neustrelitz Palace Garden

For all baroque – lovers or simply for those who love to stroll in a castle garden full of flowerbeds – the Palace Garden Neustrelitz, 55 km away from Gutshof Woldzegarten, is definitely the first address! Unfortunately there is not much left of the original baroque castle. Locals say it will be reconstructed. However, many beautiful footpaths lead through the castle garden, decorated with many fountains and antique sculptures and garden art of the 18th and 19th century. Especially walking along the Götteralle is simply beautiful and appealing at any time of the year! 

Mirow Castle

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Schloss Mirow, Mirow, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Ausflugsziele Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Mirow Castle, Castle, holiday Germany, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

If you feel like going on a short trip, I absolutely recommend the Mirow Castle. Only half an hour away from Gutshof Woldzegarten, the manor house is also perfect for a bike ride. Are you interested in history? Then, this is the place to go. The former Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Sophie Charlotte lived here once. After your sightseeing tour, you can an enjoy a cappuccino in the café.

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Schloss Basedow, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Ausflugsziele Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Castle, Basedow Castle, manor, Manor Basewo, mansion, holiday Germany, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

Basedow Castle

The manor house Basedow is located north-east of Gutshof Woldzegarten and can be reached within 50 minutes. The old looking castle complex is situated directly at Lake Malchin. Perfect to combine a short historical excursion with lakeside feeling! The surroundings at the manor house and the lake are simply beautiful and will invite you to stay for hours.

Nature parks and lakes in Germany

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Enjoy the sun at the Lake Plauer or watch real brown bears while taking a walk through the Müritz bear forest – here you can find my top recommendations for nature parks and lakes in the Mecklenburg area.

Müritz National Park

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Müritz See,Müritz Nationalpark, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Ausflugsziele Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Müritz National Park, Lake Müritz, holidays Germany, holiday Germany, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

Longing for a little adventure and exploring fascinating natural landscapes of wild forests, lakes and moorland? In this case, I would definitely recommend the Müritz National Park. How about combining a visit with a bathing excursion to the Lake Müritz? Due to its long section on the east side, it forms a large part of the National Park. After a 50-minute drive from Gutshof Woldzegarten, you will reach the National Park, which represents a typical section of the Mecklenburg Lake Region. The Müritz National Park has about 100 lakes and over 400 moors. It is the largest national park in Germany.

Bear Forest Müritz

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz Bärenwald, Müritz, Wald, Bärenschutz-Zentrum, Forest, bear forest, Bear Forest Müritz, Manor Woldzegarten, bear protection centre, holiday Germany, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

An absolute must-see on the list of excursion destinations in the German region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the Bear Forest Müritz! Located at the southern peak of the Plauer Lake, it is one of the largest bear protection centres in Western Europe. On top, it’s only a 20-minute drive away from Gutshof Woldzegarten. This trip is ideal for those who like sports and exercises, as it is a wonderful route for a bicycle trip. I can highly recommend visiting the Bear Forest Müritz. It is fascinating to be so close to bears while you stomp past their caves in the forest. Only the enclosure separates you from the bears. And believe me, the chance to really see the bears is very high! Depending on the time, you have a higher chance of seeing the cuddly brown bears. We have discovered 4 of them during our visit. I would recommend you to call in advance and ask what is the best time for a bear sighting. I was simply thrilled by this wonderful place, which offers a species-appropriate home for bears, which have been kept in bad conditions before. 

Lake Müritz

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Hotel Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Müritz See, See, Lake Müritz, Lake, Pier, holiday Germany, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

No clouds? Sunny weather? If so, then pack your bathing suit and off to Lake Müritz. Only about 20 minutes by car from Gutshof Woldzegarten, it is my absolute suggestion, if you want to get out and explore. Did you know that the Lake Müritz is the largest lake in Germany which is completely located within the country? Although Lake Constance is larger, it still has Swiss and Austrian parts. Being here at the Mecklenburg Lake Region really feels like a real holiday in Germany.

Lake Plauer

One bathing spot you shouldn’t miss is the Lake Plauer. It is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Mecklenburg Lake Region and only an half an hour drive from Gutshof Woldzegarten. Its ice-age shaped water landscape makes it unique. All water sports lovers will be thrilled, because the Lake Plauer is a real swimming and water sports paradise. You cannot only swim here, but also sail, surf, dive, paddle or fish. Fishing enthusiasts will find a great variety of species in the waters, fishing permits or a tourist fishing license are also available here.

Town of Waren (Müritz)

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Müritz See, Weiden, Park, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Ausflugsziele Mecklenburg Vorpommern, holidays Germany, paddy, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

If you feel like going on a little city trip, why not drop by the town of Waren (Müritz)? This small town is directly located at the Lake Müritz. It has its own charm with its small harbor and private boats all around. The water is very clear and clean, even though there is no direct access to the lake. I simply felt it was very nice to sit in a restaurant right at the harbor of Waren (Müritz) soaking in the atmosphere of the small sleepy town with its dreamy paddies along the lake. By walking further to the city centre, you will come across a round plaza with a red brick church. Especially here, you can enjoy a very special view to the Lake Müritz. The good thing is that from here you can walk completely around the lake. So after having lunch in one of the restaurants, you can stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh lake air. If you still feel like wanting to do more, you can also book a boat trip with one of the boats. The Marina Müritz is definitely worth a walk! Or you can go to the Thermal Bath Müritz if you are in the spa mood again.

Gutshof Woldzegarten, Müritz, Park, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Ausflugsziele Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Rote Backsteinkirche, Müritz Stadtzentrum, Müritz City Centre, red brick church, holidays Germany, Müritz city, Müritz town, travel tips Germany, travel Germany

More tips for Schwerin and surroundings?

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