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Grenada – Top 11 things you should definitely see!

by Miriam Ernst

I have discovered the most beautiful spots and the most delicious dishes in Grenada for you. What else awaits you if you are planning more than just a beach holiday, you can read here.

Advertisement: Your trust is very important to me: This article was created in cooperation with Grenada Tourism. However, every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion.

Grenada, Karibik, St- George, Stadt am Wasser, bunte Häuser, Küste, Schiffe, Palmen

Top 11 things you must see!

1. Spice Market St George

Grenada, Saint- George, Straßenmarkt, Einheimische, Karibik

Grenada is also known as “Spice Island”, so I really wanted to see the market of the same name. Unfortunately, that was a total disillusionment. The spices are all packaged “tourist-friendly” and are sold directly. I don’t think a local goes shopping here. Certainly you can discover a lot, both outdoors and in the market hall, but for me the market was too commercially oriented. I would have liked to have found a more traditional market here.

2. Magazine Beach

I discovered the most beautiful beach here. The backdrop with the curved coastline and the impressive rocks immediately reminded me of the Seychelles. The fine, soft sand made me sink over my ankles in it.

The scenery was so fantastic that I could hardly choose between the crystal clear water, the warm sand and the shaded palm trees.

2. Hash

For the adventurous among you and those who would like to discover an island on their own, I recommend a “scavenger hunt” – called “hash” in Grenada. You are not completely on your own but proceed together in groups. By the way, female hashers are called “Harriette”, the men “Harrier.”

Grenada, Schnitzeljagd, Hash, Wald, Bäume, Karibik

But be aware: You will quickly feel the tropical weather as well as the physical exertion. There’s one thing I can warmly recommend you: Take some sturdy footwear with you. Unfortunately, I totally sunk in the mud with my sandals during the scavenger hunt! Although it’s funny in hindsight, in that moment it was just slippery and disgusting.

Grenada, Schnitzeljagd, Hash, Wald, Bäume, Karibik

Immediately after our “Hash Master” explained the scavenger hunt, we went straight through the rainforest. The area is very hard to climb and therefore also exhausting, how good that I did not know this before! However, the fantastic view of the Caribbean Sea has made up for everything! If you want to experience some action during your holiday, I would totally recommend it. (By the way: I even went the long way and was happy when the finish was finally in sight. You can register here.

3. Grand Anse Baptiste Kirche

Although I actually wanted to refuse to take part in the visit of the church, it was my absolute highlight on our tour. I’m not a fan of churches, and I don’t even go to one on Christmas. But in the end I overcame myself and it was really worth it! Right from the beginning, we were greeted so warmly, as if we had been part of it forever. The Church has set itself the task of making people realize their full potential and supporting them in a purposeful life.

The atmosphere there was totally captivating. It was more fun than I thought, to sing, dance and share the moment with the gospel choir. You should not be afraid of touch or inhibitions, as hugs and notions of “strangers” are common there. (Of course, it all happened before Corona. How it looks now I can’t tell you!)

4. Grand Anse Beach

The easiest way to reach this beautiful beach is by water taxi. There you will find a long, wide and fine sandy beach with breathtaking Caribbean flair. For about 15 USD you can rent sun loungers with umbrella or you can find yourself a place somewhere in the shade.

Overall I found the beach very clean and it was great to find a wide selection of different bars, restaurants as well as the Craft & Spice Market. There are hardly any tourists to meet you there, unless there is a cruise ship docking at the port. On Top you will find a totally friendly staff there.

5. Concord Falls

Grenada, Karibik, Concord Falls, Natur, Wasserfall

In the community of Saint John on the west side of Grenada, you will find the Concord Falls. They are about 13 kilometres north of the capital St. George away. Although the trails are well signposted, it is nevertheless recommended to organise a guide. This also has the advantage that you will not only be accompanied to the waterfalls, but you will also be casually explained the different fruits and vegetables. These may not be recognizable at first glance, such as breadfruit, sauerkraut, callaloo or calebasse.

The Concord Falls has a total of 3 waterfalls. The first, smaller called “Au Coin” we reached after about 3 km. Passing banana and nutmeg plantations we climbed further and higher in Grenada’s mountains. The view there was unfortunately a bit underwhelming. Then we went upstream and on foot along the Concord River (My tip to you: Be sure to take enough with you to drink!). Finally we reached the second and largest of the three waterfalls. I can tell you, the tedious climb was worth every side ache. It was truly breathtaking!

Surprisingly, you can even go for a swim in the waterfall. That was truly a highlight of my visit to Grenada! On site there was even a cliff jumper, who reminded me of Mogli from the Jungle Book. For a dollar, he’ll jump down that tall waterfall for you. If you find him, let him jump for you, because he’s been earning his living for eight years this way!

On our way to Fontainbleu, the third of the Concord Falls, we were glad to have the guide with us, because the route would not be possible without any help. The guide also found the most hidden paths and even beat them with the machete for us if necessary. Although the Fontainbleu is only a small waterfall, it is still worth seeing and the way there was a small adventure.

6. Grand Etang Nationalpark

We also paid a visit to the Grand Etang National Park. This is the largest and in my opinion the most beautiful national park in the Caribbean. This nature reserve runs around the centrally located crater lake “Grand Etang.” You can even see it from the Visitor Center. Presumably the crater was formed ten thousand years ago and its water is the largest reservoir of drinking water for the locals, even though there is no apparent inflow – mysterious. That is why there are many legends about the volcanic crater, which are about a sea monster. This rather inconspicuous lake, for whatever reason, has landed on the flag of Grenada.

If you want to discover the flora and fauna that flourishes outside the lake, you can choose between several hiking trails of different lengths. I particularly directly noticed the huge mahogany trees, dense palm trees and beautiful orchids there. Due to the different altitudes you can also perceive different temperature zones and in contrast to the pleasant beach heat you can also feel 15 degrees less! So it doesn’t hurt to take a thin jacket with you. Even if the paths are partly strenuous or even completely muddy (!) I recommend you to explore the fascinating flora and fauna there.

7. Gouyave Nutmeg Processing

On the main street of Gouyave the scent of nutmeg – one of Grenada’s most important cultural aspects – flows directly towards you. In the huge old nutmeg processing station located there, the workers sort the shells and use the nuts as well as the flowers for further processing.

After the effects of Hurricane ” Ivan”, Gouyave is the only station on the island that still processes nutmeg for domestic consumption and export. Here you will get a very good insight into Grenada’s agricultural tradition, its turbulent past and its current strong economy.

The local men and women sort and pack the nutmeg manually themselves. It left a lasting impression on me of the island.

8. Grenada Chocolate Company

In the middle of the rainforest Surrounded by cocoa groves the chocolate factory is located. It was established in 1999 and continues to make a valuable contribution to the local economy. The factory produces high-quality organic bitter chocolate from the fresh Trinitario cocoa beans that grow right on the doorstep. In this process, the same beans are used to make the valuable cacobutter, which is then added to the own recipes. The Cocoa is grown naturally without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. In addition, the cocoa is certified by CERES.

Sustainability is the focus of the GCC values, so many of the machines have been reconfigured to run on solar power. In addition, the Chocolate Company opened its own factory shop called “Bonbon Chocolates”, where you can find a wide selection of delicious chocolates. Only local ingredients are used to combine the dark chocolate with the many fruits, nuts and spices of Grenada. Just a few meters away from the factory is a small charming shop that you should definitely visit.

9. Belmont Estate

Built in the 17th century, the Belmont Estate is a plantation that offers you the opportunity to participate in the work of a fully functional historical plantation. You will also experience one of the most important sights in Grenada, which is located in St. Patrick.

It is better to plan enough time, as there is a huge offer to find there: On the one hand, you can visit the organic farm, the gardens, the local history museum and the cocoa processing plants. When you feel like eating good food, there is a restaurant serving traditional Grenadian cuisine (perfect for lunch – delicious and very friendly service!). If you want to go shopping for a little souvenir, I’ll suggest stopping by at the gift shop. Who of you likes it little more rustic, should definitly go to the handicraft market, the goat dairy or even the petting zoo. I can especially recommend the plantation tour to you, as you will learn a lot of information about the plantations themselves, their history and how the chocolate production process actually works. If possible, try to combine this tour with a visit to the River Antoine Rum Destillery!

10. River Antoine Rum Destillery

The River Antoine Rum Distillery is the oldest working rum distillery in Grenada (1785) and also the oldest in the whole Caribbean. The process of rum production has remained unchanged for generations and is explained in detail during the guided tour. The huge water wheel that drives the rollers that crush the sticks and the huge copper pots, in which the juice is boiled are the same ones that have been used since the beginning of their production in the late 18th century on the Antoine River.

At the end of the tour there was a small rum tasting of the two house-bredged rums. Two varieties of white rum were offered, which tasted very strong yet very interesting. Maybe not the best rum in the world, but an absolute experience;)


The trip to Grenada is definitely worth it! Regardless of whether you explore it with tour guides or on your own – this island is so historic and especially so varied by its nature that we have been amazed again and again. Also the weather in Grenada has not disappointed and is ideal for holidays or for exploring the Caribbean island.

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