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Halloween Costume Ideas: Link-up

by Miriam Ernst
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October has begun, and the Halloween season with it.

Only two more weeks are missing, till the night of the witches and ghosts is taking place all over again.
I haven’t even decided yet, where to celebrate this occasion, but I am already organizing my costume for whatever party I will end up celebrating Halloween.

When I am scrolling through Google search images, and I am lucky enough to find a nice quality picture between all the homemade and dark selfies, I am always getting a been-there-done-that feeling.
Do you have the same problem in finding new costume ideas?

If you are mouthing a “yes” under your breath, then you know this is a common problem during Halloween — deciding what to wear!

Usually, parties that are themed and have a dress code make for less hassle for their attendees. You would already know what you have to wear. Say that you have been invited to a Powerpuff Girls-themed Halloween party.

So, you know that you can choose from your fav Powerpuff Girl costume or cosplay as your most-liked villain by wearing a Fuzzy Lumpkins, Gangreen Gang, or Mojo jojo costume.

On the contrary, when you have no themes for the party you would attend, you get overwhelmed with the unlimited many choices. At least, that is what happens to me, which is why I prefer parties with a theme — they offer me the ease of choosing a costume without entering that frenzied state of mind.

Anyway, for those who still have to make it to the unthemed celebrations at their friend’s house, I have a few ideas for you.

After some occasional searching, I have decided to open up a new Pinterest Wall, specially created for this occasion. In this way, I can share all the amazing ideas that I have found during this long taking costume research. And I can promise you, that you will find only high-class Besparkling-like outfits and make-up ideas.

Have a look here and let me know what you think!

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If you though already have decided your Halloween Costume, or if my ideas gave you the final clue on how to dress up this year, I’d be happy to see your picture on my link-up list further down! Can’t wait to see all your amazing ideas!

Best, Besparkling !

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