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CÉ LA VI Singapore – not such a great experience!

by Miriam Ernst
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I’ve been thinking long about if sharing this experience, or if not …

I wanted to keep my blog focused on positive things and on great experiences, not on the negative ones ! But at the end, if I don’t also share the less good experiences, what am I here for?

So here we go … I was very excited about going to Singapore, it was one of the cities that I have always thought I would like to live in for a year or two and I also had a friend living there, who I hadn’t seen in 5 years!

I had high expectations for singapore and got a bit disappointed after my three day experience there, but this is another story that I will share with you soon!

My first evening in Singapore I wanted to see the sunset at the famous bar Kudeta, that now is called CÉ LA VI and went there together with the friend I was travelling with and the friend that I hadn’t seen in ages!

Entering the luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands, it reminded  more of a high class shopping center, then a hotel… Getting up to the 67th floor we entered the CE LA VI.

It felt like a shady nightclub. It smelled bad and it didn’t seem luxurious in no way.

Going out on he terrace, all that bad feeling went away after seeing the beautiful view. The terrace is really nice and the view of the city is just breathtaking.

Bar, SIngapore, Infinitt pool, ce la vi, kudeta,

Bar, Marina Bay Sands, SIngapore, Infinitt pool, ce la vi, kudeta,

Bar, Marina Bay Sands, SIngapore, Infinitt pool, ce la vi, kudeta,


We set down on a table inside, it wasn’t yet time for the sunset and on the terrace it was way too warm, and decided on the drinks. I took the ROSESMYTH cocktail and received a average good cocktail for a lot of Singaporean dollars with a rose petal inside.

When I took my first sip I felt something on my foot and by looking down I saw a cockroach running over it.

Do you know those moments that you don’t know if to try to keep calm or to scream even louder then it feels natural?

THAT was one of those moments. I felt like shouting, screaming and running of at the same time .. I mean I had a cockroach on my foot in the 57th. floor in a high class luxury hotel. How is this even possibile?

Well at the end I couldn’t just keep it all to myself and heard a short shout coming out of my mouth and an immediate reflex in jumping up.

The waitress was all cool and simply escorted us to another table. It felt like they have these kind of problems more often then you would like to immagine.

The place didn’t even offer me an excuse cocktail or sincere excuse. They just kept on going like nothing has happen.

Paranoid as I had become, I started to look all over the floor searching to find these cockroaches running over again. And the worst thing is, I actually did find two more. One lying death in the corner, the other one running from one angle to another one.

That was definitely the last time that I will ever put foot in this place!

Have you ever bin in the Kudeta in Singapore? Or did you have similar experiences in other places? Share them with us !


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kumamonjeng 29 March, 2021 - 8:21 AM

Well, I can’t agree more the place doesnt have a good service at all even after so many negative comments. I just went in Mar 2021 that was after so many years that you wrote about your experience. It was just horrible experience. My kind of bad experience was unfriendly staff and we have to wait for more than half an hour for our bill to come. Can you imagine. Looks like the staff there are just walking up and down, busy but doing nothing. Not even bother to attend to the guests or not even a sincere eye-contact.

Miriam Ernst 27 April, 2021 - 3:01 PM

Thanks for sharing your experience as well. Mine is quite some time ago, but if it still is as bad as a service as it was, it is not a place to recommend. what a pity with this view, there is a lot of potential here!


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