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Girona: A relaxing day trip

by Miriam Ernst
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street
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A relaxing day trip to Girona

This weekend I needed just to change the air and decided to have a quick trip out of the City of Barcelona. Every one told me about Girona and about how beautiful and nice the city is.

So without even thinking too long I took a train and had a great day trip to Girona.


How to get there?

From Barcelona the connections are really simple. For around 16 € you can buy a train ticket one way, that will get you in 40 minutes directly in the center of Girona. The train starts in the Estacio Sants in the north east of Barcelona.

Note: Try to book the tickets up front as they are sometimes booked out and try to arrive at least 15 min prior to departure time. It is a fast-train and so every passenger needs to pass the security check.


About the city of Girona

Girona is together with Barcelona one of the biggest and most important cities in Catalunya. When you arrive at the train station it is just a 10minute walk to get to the old town. If you keep on the right and pass over the river, you can not miss it.

The city is divided from the river.

The eastern part is the old town, which includes the gothic catalan architecture and the Jewish quarters. Here you will find nice monuments such as the cathedral of Girona and the arabic baths as well as small streets with cafes, a lot of cute shops and good but affordable restaurants.

On the western part you will find the newer buildings, more modern shops, offices and a big square filled with restaurants. This square called Placa de la Independència (Independence square) is especially nice during lunch time if you want to sip a drink or eat some tapas in the sun. On Saturdays you will find a small antique market in the center of the square where you can find a lot of junk, but also very well-kept treasures.

Just have a walk around the city, enjoy the small streets and the beautiful monuments.


Where to eat

Don’t forget to at least plan one meal in this city. You will not believe what kind of valuable restaurants you can find here.

// El Celler de Can Roca

Girona is home of the best restaurant of the world, this might not be something for everyone as their prices quite high and because you need to book a table weeks in advance. But I mean, it will not be nominated the best restaurant of the world without a very good reason 😉

Note: As a cheaper option, you have the possibility to get an ice-cream in the center of Girona at Rocambolesc, which is also owned by the famous Roca brothers.

  • Prices menu: starting at 150 € / person  
  • Adress: Calle Can Sunyer, 48  (Girona)
  • Contact:  (+34) 972 222 157
  • View webpage


// Nu Restaurant

Another very good option is the Nu Restaurant, where a huge degustation menu is fixed at around 45 euro. You will find high quality cuisine and special plates on a very good price.

  • Prices menu: starting at 45 € / person  
  • Adress: Carrer d’Abeuradors, 4 (Girona)
  • Contact:  (+34) 972 22 52 30
  • View webpage

// Arros I Peix

If you don’t need these fancy places, then you can still find very good restaurants for decent prices. I have been at the Arros I Peix the last time I went to Girona. It is situated in the center of the old town. The prices are good and the food is of great quality. You will find yourself a lost, when you stand in fron of all the types of seafood to choose from. Arros I Peix doesn’t have a normal menu, but will figure out your lunch or dinner menu together with you over a glass of sparkling wine.

Note: When you get there in the morning make sure to reserve a table, during lunch hours this restaurant is usually already booked out and you’ll have to wait till 3:30pm to have lunch again.

  • Prices: a Paella starts at around 15 €  
  • Adress: Carrer dels Ciutadans, 20 (Girona)
  • Contact:  (+34) 972 42 63 00
  • View webpage

// L’Alqueria

L’Alqueria is another good restaurant with a typical catalan a-la-carte menu and decent prices. You will find it in the eastern and more modern part of the city in C/Ginesta, 8.

  • Prices: Tapas starting at 10 €
  • Adress: Carrer Ginesta, 8  (Girona)
  • Contact:  (+34) 972 22 18 82
  • View webpage


The surroundings

Girona is a very nice city, but especially the surrounding is beautiful. Close to Girona is the Costa Brava with beautiful hidden beaches such as Blanes, Aigua Blava etc. I will write a separate post about these one day.

Within 30km distance you can find the lake Bañolas which offers beautiful views in the middle of Catalunya’s nature. Not too far on circa 60km distance to the city is the volcano Santa Margarida. Just rent a car and drive from one special place to the next one, you will fall in love with the area for sure.


Have you ever been to Girona? Are there any special places that I haven’t mentioned? Let me know what you think and I hope you¡ll have a great day or weekend here! Please subscribe here, if you like my posts 🙂


Girona, Spain, colour, building, river
Girona, Spain, colour, building, river
Girona, Spain, colour, building, river
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, wine, glasses, food, lunch, colourful, shop, games, children
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, wine, glasses, food, lunch, backyard
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, green, door
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, cathedral
Gerona, Street, Stones, black, white, shoes.
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, bridge, bycicleGirona, Spain, colour, building, street
Girona, Spain, colour, building, street, coffee

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Mal 15 February, 2016 - 7:26 AM

A great, informative post! Makes me want to actually visit the place- well done 🙂

Miriam Ernst 21 February, 2016 - 10:28 PM

Thaaanks 🙂 It is definitely a place to check out 😉

Tina von tinaspinkfriday 24 May, 2016 - 1:09 PM

Liebe Miriam, wir waren im September 2015 in Gutona und ich war vom Charme der Stadt überrascht. Wunderschön die Altstadt und süße kleine Shoppingmöglichkeiten. Auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert.
Ich habe tatsächlich einen Post über Girona geschrieben und noch nicht veröffentlicht. Schade eigentlich.
Liebe Grüße Tina

Miriam Ernst 26 May, 2016 - 9:43 AM

Hallo Tina,

danke fürs vorbeischauen ! Freut mich dass du Girona so schön fandest wie ich ! Du solltest den Artikel veröffentlichen, ist sicher super 🙂


Brooke (@difkindoftravel) 13 September, 2016 - 8:15 PM

Agree about needing to get out of a city like Barcelona now and again. I’m in Madrid and I wish I could escape every weekend. Lovely photos!

Isabelle 12 March, 2017 - 10:57 AM

Also, May month,” el Tiempo de Los Flores”. Extraordinaire.


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