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Best cheap lunch places in barcelona

by Miriam Ernst
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Best cheap lunch places in Barcelona

So you know perfectly how it is, you have one hour lunch break and you never know where to go.  I am having troubles like this every day, once you eat in, then you bring something from home, one day tapas, the other asian… and then?

Eating well at lunch time is also getting pretty expensive after a while, so I decided to write down my top 4 places to have lunch in Barcelona centre.




I do love this place! Or more precise, my portfolio loves this place !

For 5 euros a year you can buy a card that will give you a discount on the already way too cheap meals that this place has to offer.

It is not a restaurant, don’t get me wrong, but for 1-3 euros you can buy plates here that you can simply warm up in the microwave and eat directly there or take them with you and heat them up whenever it suits you!

  • Taste: okay
  • Location: all around the city
  • Comfort: Mensa style and you need to heat your own plates up
  • Price: cheap



Tento is the newer and more classy version of Nostrum. The idea is very similar: for nearly anything you can buy lunch and heat it up yourself. Tento is a bit more expensive but I have the feeling the quality is also higher than Nostrums.

I especially like the black rice with seafood. Two plates, a dessert, bread and a drink cost you here less than 7 euros!

  • Taste: good
  • Location: all around the city
  • Comfort:  Quality mensa style, you’ll need to heat your own plates up
  • Price: cheap


Organic Market

This is an amazing place for the more demanding among us. I am coming here at least once a week, their chicken curry is simply delicious ! At the Organic Market everything is organic, from the vegetables, to the meat and up till the drinks – have you ever had an organic coke before?

A plate costs you between 7 and 15 euros depending what you ask for.

  • Taste: great
  • Location: Ronda de la Universitat, 20 (Barcelona)
  • Comfort:  Nice, cozy place 
  • Price: middle


Thai Garden Barcelona

The ambience is so beautiful, you will feel like getting all out of the city ! During the evening the dinner prices are quite high at the Thai Garden Barcelona, but for lunch you can find a menu here for 16 €. The lunch menu includes a first and second course, a drink and dessert. If you like peanuts you should definitely try the saté as your first course it is my favourite plate there !

  • Taste: great
  • Location: Carrer de la Diputació, 273 (Barcelona)
  • Comfort:  Beautiful location
  • Price: middle to high

I hope these places give you a little inspiration of where to go and what to eat without paying a fortune everyday. Have a good meal 😉


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