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by Miriam Ernst
Beach Paradise Travel

Travelling is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

It makes you become independent, makes you curious of other ways of life and gives you the possibility to learn from the beauty this world has to offer. It allows you to experience a cocktail of cultures around the world. Learn their outlook on life, understand their morals. Try their food! Engorge yourself in the wilderness of their country; nature, wildlife, weather, colours. From the northernmost chills of the Arctic to the hottest plains of Africa, to the chorus of trills in the Brazilian rainforests and to the vast azure of the Australian waters as seen from the great ocean road stay. It’s a learning curb for both young and old, allowing you to broaden your horizons and become humbled to the world around you.

Those who become complacent and too comfortable within their surroundings for too long, lose the ability to accept, lose the confidence to strive, and lose the passion for life, which is why such people should travel more often than others. This could help them develop a sense of responsibility and enhance their thought process. Those who travel frequently often consider prepping up for the journey from months ago. For instance, if they plan on visiting a destination like Mykonos, they may have already booked their travel tickets as well as booked one of the villas in mykonos for their staying accommodation. People like them do not leave anything for the last moment. They usually have their backpacks packed with necessary food items, travel gear, and equipment. Most importantly, they understand that they might fall sick on the road and might have no medical assistance near them. Hence, they often keep the number of virtual urgent care providers similar to Associates in Family Medicine (they are known to be a reputed provider of urgent care in Windsor) handy. They become responsible for themselves and those who travel with them.

The first time I took a plane I was nearly 6 months old. I think my mother put a sense of curiosity in me from the very beginning. I have seen so many exciting places, and I will be discovering so many more. For instance, I have made a plan for the next six months wherein I would be on a road trip. Yes, you heard it right! I want to experience the life on roads–I have heard plenty of times about people journeying on a recreational vehicle with their families. I think it is time I do the same. But I would probably not make a purchase of an automobile now, instead, I would go for RV rentals. I have heard that they can be easily booked and left anywhere because such firms often have tie-ups with companies like Nationwide United Auto Transport, which can haul a motor home. So, renting one would spare me from the unnecessary drama that might come with purchasing one!

But truth be told, this is a plan for the future. For now, I decided, that it was time to share my past experiences with you, hoping to get one or the other of you to go, and travel the world yourselves. I earnestly and most dearly hope you get inspired and fly on the blue skies above with wings spread wide.

As Saint Augustin said: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”

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