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Top 5 Restaurants to not miss in Seminyak (Bali travel guide)

by Miriam Ernst
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Wow if you are reading this you are probably thinking about spending your holidays in Bali and in Seminyak… I can only advise you to go and buy your flight right now!

You will not regret it! I love Bali and I had the best time there! For a little start of my series of Seminyak, here are the top 5 Restaurants in Seminyak you should definitely eat in!


CharChar Bar&Grill:

The CharChar restaurant does not only offer amazing quality food, but also a really nice ambient. I remember that I entered in this place only, because I really liked the make-off outside. You have basically a scale, where people sit, drink and eat on, while having a look over the whole street. It is difficult to imagine, I know, but if you are passing long the street, it is impossible to not know within a second what I am talking about.

The best of all the ambience is, that you are seating under the stars in this restaurant with a open roof ceiling.

The kitchen offers more international cuisine, but the plates are delicious and still within a very reasonable price-rate. At lunch time you can find delicious meals for 40. – 90.000 Rp including a bear or juice. Trust me, if for dinner or for lunch, you should visit this place! And if you can’t make it there for a whole meal, then at least pass by for their dessert ! They offer an ice-cream flavour “black rice” which is probably the best ice-cream I have had in all Bali! It was so incredible delicious, that we went twice back just to get another bowl of this delicious ice cream!

  • Starters: 50 – 90.000 Rp
  • Mains: 60-250.000 Rp
  • Jl. Kayu Aya





The Chandi Restaurant is styled in such an elegant and relaxed ambient that you will have to love it! We had our last dinner in this place and I am really sad I did not go here before !

The food is just delicious and the waitress and management team have welcomed us so warmly and tried to make every request somehow possible ! I remember asking her to change a part of my Fish shell Saté into meat, because I just couldn’t decide on which one to try and they were really helpful and made this possible without a bling of the eye.

The crab dumplings were our favourite starter, having not even eaten them that well in Hong Kong ! And you should definitely try the Spiced herbed Mojito ! Wow I never had a spicy Mojito that was THAT GOOD!

  • Starters: 50 – 100.000 Rp
  • Mains: 100 – 250.000 Rp
  • Jalan Kayu Aya No. 72
  • View on google map



The Mamasan restaurant is the sister of the Restaurant called Sarong. The restaurant offers south east asian street food from a whole new angle. You can find traditional curries as well as Chinese’s famous Dim Sums. The ambient of this place is created in a unique vintage-retro style and gives a special flair to the visitors. Brown vintage armchairs and a dark wooden bar throughs you right back into the 70ies with a huge level of tasks though, not to forget!

  • Starters: 50 – 80.000 Rp
  • Mains: 80 – 155.000 Rp
  • Jl. Raya Kerobokan No. 135, Br. Taman
  • View on google map


Teatro Gastroteque:

I remember when I passed the Teatro Gastroteque the first time and looked into the kitchen I just wanted to go to have dinner there. The place is tiny and intime, so that you will always be treated special in this place and not as one out of all the guests.

The view to the kitchen is open an you can freely see how the chef is preparing your meal. And let’s just say it, the plates are incredible! Quite small, but beautifully decorated and so delicious!




Jemme Dining:

Last but definitely not least: Jemme  is probably the most shiny restaurant that you can find within Seminyak. That does not mean, that they exaggerate, but with good taste you can find the crystal chandeliers embedded in a warm and welcoming atmosphere including different styles of interior design. I love this place just for the design and I will probably have a similar styled living room in some years 🙂

But not only the ambient is fascinating, but also the food is created out of only local and season-fresh food, offering food exactly as Jemme defines it self: “Food classics with a luxury twist”

Sophisticated plates that unite the simplicity of the ingredients. Don’t forget to try the Pork Belly with Chili Caramel or the Seafood Vol Au Vents.

  • Starters: 35 – 95.000 Rp
  • Mains: 85 – 275.000 Rp
  • Jalan Raya Petitenget 28, Kerobokan. 
  • View on google map



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