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Outfit of the Week: Casual leather pants

by Miriam Ernst
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I am really working hard on staying out to publish this post every Monday morning for you guys!

It is not that easy, to organise nice photo shootings, while having a full day job and a freelance job beside having a blog that you want to dedicate time to.

But here I made it again, my outfit of the week!

This week I wanted to go with something more easy, to wear during the day or to an after work party, that is not too elegant.

It is a rocky outfit, that inspires to not being the “nice-girl” all the time! They unfortunately don’t have this orange top in Topshop anymore, but I found this one, which is very similar and on discount !!!

This colour is just one of the MUST HAVE of this fall/winter season, everywhere you go, in every shopping window you look you will find at least one with item of this colour.

Well the leather pants is an item that you will always reuse. If you wear it just as pants like I do in this outfit, or with a dress over. If you were it during the day, for a dinner party or to go out to dance in the night. You can really combine them with anything! (Like I show you here, here and here)

This one is bought from Calzedonia, but you can find them in nearly every shop at this moment.


IMG_8914-0.jpg IMG_8913.JPG

image4 image3

IMG_8912.JPG image2

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*Thank you Markus Bielstein, for these amazing photos!


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