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Moda Lisboa F/W 2016

by Miriam Ernst
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Moda Lisboa F/W 2016

Last weekend I have been in Lisbon for Europe’s oldest independent Fashion Week to watch the new creation of Portugal’s best designs for fall/winter 2016.

Moda Lisboa shows Portugal’s most upcoming designers in two main locations in the city center of Lisbon. I have been invited from Be-Sparkling to be part of the international press and to attend all of the shows in Lisbon.

About Lisbon Fashion Week

The Fashion Week in Lisbon goes over only 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Created in 1991 it is recognised as the oldest independent fashion week in Europe. ModaLisboa is not as big as the main Fashion Weeks in NYC, Milan, Paris or London but has reached a high level of creative design and is well visited by mostly Portuguese Actors, Models and Blogger.

The Lisbon Fashion Week is a mix of showing the most recognised designers as well as the young designers from Portugal, that have the most promising future ahead of them.

The Event

The Lisbon Fashion Week also if being one of the smaller Fashion Weeks in Europe, is one of the more important players among the world of fashion. The organisation of the event itself is on a high level and the visitors get treated with respect.

Besides the main event and its fashion shows, there is the entrance hall, where main sponsors of the event get the chance to present their product. Absolute was the alcohol brand, that was taking care of a continuous flow of curated cocktails at the bar and Renova was presented as the sexiest toilet paper on Earth – I must say I love their marketing !

Outside of the shows main square the Wonder Room invited for a look around creative items, art and fashion. One of my best founds was definitely the brand FORA. I fell in love with their sunglass designs and hope to show you one of their models soon on my outfit of the week section. However it’s a pity their website is only in Portuguese.

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The Designs

– Friday –

My first show of the Lisbon Fashion Week was David Ferreira‘s. I must say I was a bit disappointed, the designs and mix of colours where not at the level of many other shows that I have seen during this weekend. The male designs during that day have been quite interesting however the level grow up quite high during the upcoming days.

– Saturday –

The first collection I went to see on the second day of Fashion Week was the show of Rose Palhares. Her desings are femminine, elegant and very sexy at the same moment. I really enjoy the collection “Kiss from Rose”.

Alexandra Moura showed us her beautiful designs where male and female fuse together and become one. She decided to create designs that are practical, warm and cozy for the winter and in a unisex type of style. It is impressive how beautiful women can in shine in simple but creatively patterned clothing.

Carlos Gil is the perfect example of sporty elegance. He combines quality fabrics with casual cuts and elegant details. Vintage elements are combined with romantic silhouettes and electric fabrics. A true inspiring collection.

Blue marine was the colour that introduced the show of Miguel Vieira, designs that spoke for themselves. He was able to create an elegance, that showed pure luxus through fabrics, cuts and the chosen colours. Miguel Vieira describes his colours in a way that there is no further need for me to interpret anything, I totally feel what he says: “The mystery, power and elegance of caviar black; the calm, loyalty, wisdom and confidence of the dark navy blue; the innocence, purity and perfection of marshmellow white; the optimism, joy and energy of mustard yellow.” What a collection !

– Sunday –

Saymyname created playful and young designs using strong and powerful colours while playing with a smooth asymmetry.

Another top class collection was shown from Nadir Tati, he used the african inspiration to create not only a beautifully created collection but also an unforgettable show. Thanks to the sound of the saxophone that accompanied the full show, the power of the clothes were perceived as powerful as they were designed. White elegance, straight stripes that get softened by the partly lucide elements.  Powerful red combined with natural colours, inspired by the nature and its purity that is found in the lines all combined with elegant finishing and luxurious applications.

Dino Alves surprised with new cuts and forms. The colour palette of grey, rose, white, green and bordeaux calmed the fresh and inspiring design. A collection that is truly powerful through its vintage inspirations from old kingdoms of wealth and luxury.

Luis Carvalho created a flowing collection that inspires the women to enter the male world. Grey-green colours become elegant and smooth through fabrics such as silk. The collection got its inspiration from the nature of landscapes that are shown in colours as well as in the usage of fabrics.

moda-lisboa-fashion, week, lisbon, design, show


Lisbon Fashion Week was a beautiful experience with a lot of new creativity in the world of fashion.

I hope you enjoyed my view on the designs and I’d be very happy if you’d subscribe to my posts here.

Thanks, Be-Sparkling


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Katherines Corner 25 March, 2016 - 2:02 PM

wonderful to see all o the fashions coming up. I invite you to share your blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop link party ( you can share until Saturday at midnight) xo

Miriam Ernst 30 March, 2016 - 10:07 PM

Thank you Katherine ! I will definitely share my blog posts on your blog hop! Have a great day!


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