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What you will learn in your first year working

by Miriam Ernst
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What you will learn during your first year working.

Hello there,

I am so glad, that my Be-Professional section is getting so much attention, it is a very personal part for me and I am trying to give a lot of tips, that I would have been happy to know earlier.

Here is what I am going to tell you about today: Things, that you will learn during your first year working.

The first year of work is probably one of the most exciting ones. However, it can also be one of the most stressful times of your life because this is when you understand that the real world may not function according to your whims and fantasies. You will need actual skills out there that you can practically implement as opposed to just taking up some project at the college. You may also have to look for certification courses such as Microsoft az-400 if you are an IT professional to improve your existing skills and learn new talents, which can help you grow on the career ladder. As you enjoy working professionally at a new job, you can also keep your goal in front of you such as getting a promotion or switching to a higher-paying job, and start working towards it.

Additionally, you probably would have a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the early stages of your career, so you could even look for a part-time job, such as working as a driving instructor, in addition to your full-time job. That might not only help you earn some extra cash but can also give you a better insight into what interests you the most. However, any job would certainly necessitate some form of training. For example, you may need to take Driving Instructor Training Chester-le-street before taking it on as a side job or even as a full-time job.

This might be the time when you finally realize that you need to think about the future. You might be swayed by your overwhelming emotions about saving money for the future or planning about retirement. However, you must not be overburdened by such thoughts. Instead, what you can do is consider taking the help of financial planners or retirement planning specialists (found at Joslin Rhodes and its likes) who can provide you with financial advice to start planning about your future and retirement life as soon as possible.

You could invest a small sum to save for the future and earn profits. For example, you can either invest it in stocks or play live roulette games to earn money. It would not only be a sure bet, but it might also allow you have some fun. Besides, you may invest in real estate or another business. Such investment ideas will most likely help you gain a better understanding of profits and topics such as how to invest money.

That said, the first year of my job was not at all stressful, maybe because I did not think about savings or retirement at that time. I remember when I first had a full-time job and entered the office how it felt. Everything was exciting, even the coffee machine seemed to be exciting ahahah…

Then after some weeks, it is possible that you arrive (like me) at a point where a lot of things are getting normal and where you’ll actually start to have a little insight into how things work. During your first year, you will understand, what it means to have a working structure, that there are exact rules in how to fill out documents and that there are a lot more things to the job you’re doing than what you expected. You will learn how to accept failure, how to be overlooked when doing something great, and a lot of different things. Of course, there are a lot of positive experiences, don’t get me wrong here

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