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Kiko: My favorite lipstick

by Miriam Ernst
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This might sound a lot like a fake publicity post for you, but I can say this as truthfully as you can say it, the 10h lipstick from Kiko is my favourite one.

And here comes why:

Do you know this feeling, when you go out for a night with friends and you want to put a nice and powerful colour on your lips, but you don’t do it, just because you start to wonder, if makes everything more complicated?

– If you go for dinner, it leaves ugly remains on your mouth and will be all gone after your meal.

– If you have a boyfriend or husband, they will be complaining when they are left with a red shimmer on their lips.

I am though, a person who really loves putting on lipsticks and I am even considering getting some natural lip filler so that the lipstick makes a bigger impact on my lips and makes any look feel glamorous!

Exactly because of that I am only buying the Kiko 10 hour lipstick.

I have tried so many, 24h last, 48 hour last, infinity last from brands like Manhattan, Maybelline,… but none of them kept their promise.

The lipstick from Kiko promises only 10 hours lasting, but it actually gives you even more.

I have tried it a lot of times, but when I put it for my mothers wedding, I got surprised myself. The wedding started at 12am and when I came home at 6am I still had the same colour and the same strength of the colour on my lips.

The dinner and all the drinks that you have on a wedding and my lips are still the same !

Just try it for yourself!


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