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Hong Kong: What to do when you are in town?

by Miriam Ernst
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Hong Kong, China, travel, travel blog, travel blogger

If you are thinking about going to Hong Kong, then my advice is “YES! Definitely Yes!”

I know a lot of stories, a lot of different experiences, but after all Hong Kong is an amazing city everybody should visit at least once in their lives. I will go back for sure another time to explore more of its hidden secrets!

To make your stay easier, here are the best things to do and in my next article you will find the things to avoid while in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong: Best things to do

  1. Get lost around the streets of HK

    This is something I recommend to do in any city that you go to visit. Just wonder around the streets and let yourself drive. It is the best way to see places your Travelbook does not recommend you, but might be the most beautiful corner or most interesting restaurant that you will see.

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  2. Go to a market

    The markets in Hong-Kong are special. You can find copies of everything everywhere. At every corner you can see the guys selling actually good copies of Rolex, Cartier or IWC watches, Chanel or other designer bags and other fake designer items. But besides this you can also find unique styles from HK, interior elements and local souvenirs. The Ladies Market is one of the markets, where you will mostly find copies. Also if you are not interested in buying something, it is still worth a visit. Then there is the Street Night Market which is probably the most famous of the markets in Hong Kong. I found an interesting shop, whether you have a vintage watch or family heirloom, this watch repair company can bring it back to life for you.

    Ladies Market: To get here the easiest way is to take the metro till “Mong Kok” and then walk the Nathan Road a bit further up. Here you can see it in google maps.

    Temple Street Night Market: Take the Metro till up to “Jordan” and walk a bit further north. Here you can see it in google maps.

    HK, HongKong, Hong-Kong, Street Night Market, Be-Sparkling, Be-Travelled, Travelblog

    Photo by Oleg

  3. Shopping

    So many places and areas to go shopping as I haven’t seen it often. Yes you have the markets, but when you get bored of always repeating fake designer items, then try some typical shopping center or the small shops you can find on the street east of central station.
    The Island shopping center is like a labyrinth of small local fashion boutiques. The outer shell might not catch your eye, but inside you will find Hong Kong, Japanese or Korean clothing stores catching your eye.

    For the one of you who can spend a little more on your shopping experience just next to it you will find the Fashion Walk where you will find higher prices local and European stores.

    Or go to The Landmark, which is one of the oldest and most famous shopping centres in Hong Kong.

  4. Visit the highest bar of the world

    Well this bar definitely earns itself a separate blog post. You have not every day the possibility to visit the highest bar of the world, do you? Read more about the Ozone bar here. But be aware if you are planning to have dinner right before or right after, around the area is basically nothing, at least not reachable by foot.


  5. Go partying

    Party in Hong Kong is crazy!!! Never seen a bar that offers a record list for people that drink 10 shots the fastest. If you see the highest score on the list, you will not believe your eyes. Hong Kong offers a large range of different kinds of Clubs to visit. There is the Soho area, which is one of the craziest areas of the party I have seen. All very young students drinking themselves to death. The street is dirty and I just wanted to get myself out of there. However, I must warn you not to drive after being drunk. Better to take a cab back to the hotel you are staying in, so that you do not end up with cops, which could require you to hire an attorney from this attorney website or similar ones. This could end up spoiling your entire holiday mood, which you definitely do not want. Just remember the mantra of partying hard, but with precautions.

    Not far away there are the more nicer clubs to be found. The Dragon-I is one of the most famous and most prestige clubs in HK, often also visited from international celebrities.

    You could also go to a Chinese music concert. It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are so many bands in the east that are making innovative music, but it doesn’t reach the western world. They have rabid fan followings, and they put up some dazzling shows for these fans. You could find a concert like that by simply looking up ‘Upcoming concerts near me‘ while you’re there.

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  6. Go to Victoria peak

    This is probably the best place to watch the sun set in Hong Kong. The view is breathtaking during the day as well as after sunset. You will see the whole city including Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.

    The only difficulty here is that Hong Kong especially in the summer period is very dissy and the views might be very limited due to the dust and clouds. If you have one good day, don’t waist it and go up there! But make sure to go there early morning because the Peak Tram is crazy full and in the afternoon you will loose easily an hour to buy the ticket and another two to get the Tram. If you don’t want to take the Peak Tram, just hop in the Bus 15 at Exchange Square in Central and drive till The Peak.

    Victoria, Victoria Peak, Peak, SKyline, HK, Hong Kong, Hong-Kong

    Photo by Eugene Lim

  7. Go to the cheapest michelin star restaurant of the world

    This restaurant deserves it’s own post as there is way too much to talk about. If you ever wanted to go to a michelin star restaurant but thought you could never permit yourself the luxury? Well this one is just right for you! Read everything about the DinTaiFung Restaurant here.

    DinTaiFung, Michelin, Dim Sum, Star, Kitchen, Michelin Star, Restaurant, Hong Kong, HK

  8. Eat Dim Sum & Cantonese Noodles at least once

    Who would like to go to Hong Kong and miss out their best dishes? Well trust me, you definitely shouldn’t. I have to say that I have become a big fan of Dim Sum, and that the best one I have ever eaten is in the above mentioned Restaurant DinTaiFung. As far as about the noodles there are a lot of different places you will have the pleasure to enjoy them. Tsim Chai Kee is a place to definitely try the WonTons. And the Kau Kee Restaurant is absolutely worth a visit, but make sure your bring time. The place is getting known and you will have to wate a lifetime in e meter long queue if you want to sit in. BUT there is the solution. Take it to go and sit down on some stairs close by. The noodles are way too hot to eat anyway in that moment.

    And don’t forget, in Hong Kong they eat quite early so don’t try to go to a restaurant at 3pm for lunch or 10pm for dinner time if you actually want to eat something.

    be travelled, travel, tips, besparkling, be-sparkling, travel, blog, travel blog; HK, Betravelled, Be-travelled, besparkling, be-sparkling, travelblog, blog, Hong-Kong, Tsim Chai Kee, Kau Kee-Soho, Noodles

  9. Go and visit Macau

    I have to tell you the truth, I did not manage to go to actually visit Macau. I simply had not enough time to do it all in Hong Kong, but the friend I was travelling with went there and was so nice to share some of her images and experiences with me.

    Macau, the Las Vegas of Asia, which actually earns way more money than Las Vegas does at this moment. It is not within Hong Kong, so be sure to have a whole day to travel and to bring your passport with you: you are crossing the border to China. Well and then, just be amazed by the most earning casinos in the whole world. Of course, there’s more to Macau than just it’s casinos. I have seen some pictures and the beach is incredible! So if you are planning to Macaus, maybe you should try getting the feel of both worlds. It would be fun to practice playing some casino games online or bingo for cash, and also soak up the sun on the beach!

    Macau, Venice, Casino, HK, Hong Kong, Hong-Kong

    Photo by Travel Oriented

  10. Star Ferry

    Well and then there are the Star Ferries. For only 2,50 HKD you can take them from Wanchai to Tsim Sha Shui during the week and on the weekends for 3,40 HKD. The ride only takes around 10 minutes. Which is mostly the same time then the metro would take from that place to the other side. The view is nice really nice as you can see both sides of the Hong Kong skylines.

    So for the skylines it is definitely something that is worth to step out of the metro for a while and take the Star Ferry for once. Here you can find the time-table.

    HK, Hong-Kong, Hong Kong, Star ferries

  11. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade & Clock Tower

    This promenade goes along the sea in Kowloon. It hosts a lot of great fish restaurants and is close to the Walk-of-Fame promenade. If you are interested in taking a picture with Bruce Lee or just having a walk along the statues, a stop afterwards for dinner is perfect. It is also the best place to see the famous light-show in Hong Kong.

    HK, Hong-Kong, Hong Kong, Promenade, Walk of fame

  12. Causeway Bay

    During my travels to HK I had my hotel, or better Hostel in Causeway Bay. The first second I got out of the metro I was totally overwhelmed. So many signs, so many colors and especially sooooo many people. There was barely a way through the masses of people that were walking down and up the streets. The temperature was on 40 degrees and the humidity was about to kill me. I didn’t know which direction my hostel so this was definitely the moment my adventure in Hong Kong started. After the first 10 seconds pass by Causeway Bay is quite a fun area actually. You have so many shops and shopping centres, food centres, great restaurants, very cheap restaurants and and and … Just walk around the streets and be amazed of the power of HK.

    HK, Hong-Kong, Hong Kong, Causewaybay

  13. Eat in one of the fisher’s restaurants on one of HK’s islands

    Everyone going to Hong Kong is searching for the best fish dishes. Well if the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade did not reach your expectations, then there is only one possibility left: Hop in a ferry and go to one of the fisher’s islands around Hong Kong. There you can eat at one of the small fisher restaurants directly at the port, where you will get the fish basically served directly from the boat – of course it is cooked and prepared before. The how to get there is a bit more complicated during the night, so easiest is to go there for lunch – if you don’t want to risk spending the night in one of the islands.

    The probably easiest one to reach is the Lamma Island. Go to take the ferry at pier Nr. 4 on Hong Kong Island and enjoy views during the 40 minute ride. Be aware, there are no cars on this Island so every distance you walk, you will also have to walk back.

  14. Nan Lian Garden

    Another place I did not got the chance to visit and I will need to fly back to HK to actually have the pleasure of seeing this. The Nan Lian Gardens are the most famous gardens around Hong Kong and are probably the one’s that are mostly shown in movies. The garden seems to have it’s own time and beauty and will set you back into the original and peaceful time of the Asian culture. Temples, the lotus flowers and small elegant bridges are everywhere to be found. If you are looking for a peaceful escape from the city, this is probably your best shot.

    HK, Hong-Kong, Hong Kong, Garden, Nan Lian Garden

    Photo by Ana&Michal

Well I hope you will decide to go to visit Hong Kong and love the city as much as I do! And if you want to be updated on all new information coming up click here.

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Ronnie 24 January, 2016 - 1:36 PM

I love Hkg as well
esp LKF for partying around ….

Miriam Ernst 24 January, 2016 - 10:54 PM

I went to LKF but I did not like the place too much, but of course the best places to go out are just around the corner 🙂


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