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Escape the reality with Rosé de Provence

by Miriam Ernst
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There are moments in life that you must capture because they are so unique. This can be a tiny moment where you are happy or a summer long. The most beautiful moments for me are those I spend with friends and together we create the best memories. Sipping some summer wine with friends is the best way to unwind in my opinion. Sometimes new options can be found from stores such as Westminster Total Beverage and local liquor stores if you felt like trying new products. You can find my personal recipe for a moment to escape reality below. Try it yourself!

Advertisement: Your trust is very important to me: This article was written in collaboration with the CIVP (Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins de Provence). But every recommendation is still 100% my honest opinion.

Far too often I catch myself, especially now that I have started my own business, how I get too involved in work and forget to switch off. Forget to enjoy time. Forget to laugh enough. Until sometime in the evening I sit at home and think “I have to switch off NOW”.

Does any of you know that the moment when you know, no matter how much you should concentrate on your work, nothing productive comes out? The moment where every second counts and you leave everything standing right this second?

But how do you escape reality right this second?

With friends! Not only is it much nicer together – these experiences are what make a friendship so special. They connect us and give us anecdotes that we can laugh about during the next times. Friends make sure that I completely forget my work for one night!

Perhaps you know these perfect constellations that make you forget everything and want the moment to never end. These are my little escape-moments, which I consciously create to get a break from my work. Who has always time to travel when it is necessary? I know – but there is always time to enjoy a nice glass of wine with friends!

My favourit wine in summer

In summer we have the best opportunity for these moments, because who doesn’t love to be out in the sun? I’m sure all of you do! I am also an absolute wine lover – my seven years living in Southern Europe have really infected me. At these temperatures I prefer to drink a dry, not too fruity rosé wine. But there are also big differences in rosé – and I find that wines from the Provence best fit my taste! I also carry my favorite wine opener for those moments.

Meine Freunde habe ich mittlerweile mit dieser Leidenschaft angesteckt und wir zelebrieren diese Abende schon regelrecht. Jeder trägt etwas dazu bei: Baguette, Weintrauben, Salami, Käse, Oliven und natürlich eine schöne Auswahl an Roséweinen aus der Provence, um immer wieder neue Weine für uns zu entdecken! Das Schönste ist tatsächlich die Leichtigkeit, mit der wir diese Treffen leben. Das savoir-vivre, das mir meinen persönlichen Provence-Moment schenkt. Wart ihr schon einmal in Frankreich? Die Ess- und Trinkkultur ist wirklich bemerkenswert. Das Essen ist nicht nur Essen, sondern wird gefeiert und genossen – am liebsten in einer großen Runde. Sie erkennen das Geschenk, Zeit miteinander verbringen zu können und mit den Rosés aus der Provence bringen wir uns genau das etwas näher!

Over the years I have inspired my friends with this passion and we are really celebrating these evenings. Everyone contributes something to it: Baguette, grapes, salami, cheese, olives and of course a nice selection of rosé wines from the Provence! The most beautiful thing is the lightness with which we live these nigths. The savoir-vivre that gives me my personal Provence moment. Have you ever been to France? The eating and drinking culture is truly remarkable. The food is not only food, but is celebrated and enjoyed – preferably in a large group. You recognize the gift of spending time together and with the rosés from Provence we bring that a little closer!

That`s how I love it!

I took that to heart because we live in such a fast-paced digital world that it makes us forget everything too quickly. But the hours we spend on our laptops deep into the night will not be the things we remember or want to remember later on. It’ s the moments when we laughed as if there was no tomorrow that counts. Where we focus on who is at our side and how happy we can be.

I found the ideal place for it in my chosen home town. Directly on the river Main with a view of the Frankfurt skyline. There we can talk, laugh, sit, lie and dance until the stars sparkle! La vie est belle! Occasionally we have to think about how easy it can be to be happy. And in a world where the news sometimes strike us as dead, our little Provence moments can be the salvation. Perhaps this is something you might enjoy? Then here’s a list of things that shouldn’t be missing from your picnic basket if you want to take the flair of Provence home with you:

5 tips for the perfect Provence moment

  • Rosé wines from Provence, I particularly like the light, dry and less fruity one. It’s best to choose three or four different ones and make a little wine tasting out of the evening. If everyone brings a bottle, you will surely have a great choice and discover a lot of new things!
  • Raw ham with herbs of Provence, ask best your butcher that he should cut the ham wafer-thin. It will then simply fall more beautifully arranged and taste much better at the same time!
  • Fromage, e.g. the spicy banon (goat cheese) wrapped in a chestnut leaf.
  • Fougasse: Those who really like it authentic don’t choose a simple baguette, but the Fougasse. Fougasse is a traditional yeast bread that can be refined with olives, dried tomatoes or anchovies. It tastes great with cheese and wine.
  • Socca : Socca is a savoury flatbread baked with chickpea flour, sprinkled with plenty of black pepper and – of course – herbs from Provence. It is an original Nice speciality. It is best to enjoy it warm!
  • Of course, the perfect Provence moment can also be enjoyed in a completely different way. For example, at home with friends and a homemade dinner, or as a companion to your favourite series 🙂

These were my insights and tips for my little time-outs. I would be very happy if you would also tell me about your everyday escape! What does your personal Provence moment look like? Are we similar or do you have completely different ideas? I am always happy about inspirations!

More Tipps about Provence

  • Unfortunately I do not have any further tips for the Provence on my blog yet. Soon a holiday will be due! 😉

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