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All time Interior Trends: Timelessness and individuality

by Miriam Ernst
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It doesn’t matter if we talk about fashion, beauty products or the furniture in your home: It’s always about today’s trends, yesterday’s trends and especially tomorrow’s trends. But let’s be honest, yes I do buy a new beauty product every month and yes I also buy new favourite outfits from every year’s collection, but who is going to refurnish their flat every 6 months?

I guess nobody!

Maybe when we talk about small decorative items like vases, pillowcases and wall decorations. Or you might be able to change the look and feel of your room slightly by adding some revit pendant lighting into your room. But certainly not the great sofa you’ve afforded and paid almost a month’s salary for, or the new bedroom furniture you’re still paying off today.

So today I want to talk about the one (or the two) “DIY” decor trends that will last over the years and will continue to make you happy even tomorrow. The trend of timeless furniture and the trend of individuality.

Timeless and individual

Especially those of you who live in big cities, like me in Frankfurt, know that living space is getting scarcer and scarcer. Prices of rents are going up and so the space we can afford is getting smaller and smaller. In a smaller space, functionality is especially important and unfortunately it is not always easy to find a product, which fits perfectly into the remaining space, that we do like and that also fulfils its purpose. Making your small space look big is a skill. Whether that’s by installing great light fittings that brighten the space, you can learn more about that by clicking here, or by simply keeping your colour scheme plain – it is a task we all try to master.

I was looking for new brands that follow both trends and came across the MYCS showroom. If you can’t find the right piece of furniture and would like to design your own favourite piece without a lot of know-how, then this is where you’ll find everything you are looking for! You can add a piece of health, light therapy brings the daylight indoors. Verilux light boxes mimic daylight by providing full spectrum light without the harmful UV rays. Full spectrum, or natural light, provides important signals to the body to help you relax, focus, and feel revitalized, visit https://circadianoptics.com/ to find full information.

MYCS, Interior, Frankfurt, Trends
The MYCS Showroom in Frankfurt

The German brand MYCS

MYCS is a German brand from Berlin that specializes in individual designer furniture. Every piece of furniture offered can be individualised down to the smallest detail. Legs can be changed, fabrics selected, surfaces exchanged, partition walls removed or added and sizes individually adjusted. At MYCS, everything is done according to the motto “Be your own designer!

So at MYCS you will find timeless pieces of furniture that you can adapt to your taste and needs. It’s even possible to customize the furniture outside of the given modulars, if required. So you have designer furniture made to measure, for a price that’s not much higher than Ikea’s better products, but offers much more! You don’t have to pick up the furniture yourself, you can have it delivered to your home!

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What I particularly like is that the MYCS website has a design area where you can create your perfect, individual and timeless piece of furniture directly from the existing components in a modular format. Doing so will allow you to design them in such a way that they can match the theme and atmosphere of the room, making sure the design matches up with peel and stick wallpaper, furnishings, dressers and other little pieces such as cushions, rugs and throws. The whole thing is very easy to create and you can directly see the development of your processing step by step. It is especially easy to develop shelves and lowboards with GRYD, to create your dream wardrobe with LYNE and to design the perfect custom sofa with TYME or PYLLOW.

Something I really wished the showrooms had was a bathroom section. There have been so many new trends in the bathroom space with companies like Glass Shower Direct getting extremely popular thanks to their high-quality products. I would have enjoyed seeing a room with all the best products in the industry in but overall, I am a big fan of the products that were there and if you have time, go to one of the showrooms to convince yourself of the product quality!

My favourite interior designer pieces of MYCS

I’ll show you my favourite pieces, which I discovered in Frankfurt in the showroom of MYCS:

The side table, which you can choose in all possible sizes and with dozens of different surfaces.

The wardrobe with so many possibilities that I don’t even know where to start! There are different wood materials, doors and forms, mirror doors can be inserted and the compartments can be exchanged inside at will. On the website alone you will find many variations and there are so many more!

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The wardrobe

The beautiful velvet couch TYME, which can be changed in size and can be covered with any kind of fabric you can imagine. But my favourite is already ready in the showroom. You can have the samples sent to your home for free, so you don’t even have to drive into a showroom if you don’t feel like it!

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Velvet couch TYME

I hope this article could inspire you to become the designer of your next piece of furniture, I know where to look first when I’ll move into the next-bigger apartment!

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