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Hotel Review: Adina Apartment Hotel Berlin

by Miriam Ernst
Adina Apartment Hotel,grey couch, orange painting, berlin, checkpoint charlie, breakfast, orange, bar
Adina Aparment Hotel, review, travel, travel blogger, berlin, travel blog

Adina Apartment Hotel (Checkpoint Charlie)

  • Adina Apartment Adress: Krausenstraße 35-36, 10117 Berlin, Germany
  • Contact: (+49) 30 2007670 // berlincc@adina.eu
  • Check in time:  2:00 PM // Check out time: 11:00 AM
  • Website

Distance to centre: Berlin Stadtmitte 500m
Price range: 106 € – 412 € / night
Stars: ****
General Style: Apartments
Be-Sparkling Rating: 8/10

The location of the Adina Apartment hotel is just right in the centre. Stadtmitte and therefore the known Friedrichsstrasse is only 5 min away by foot and all the know shops are there. If you need anything during your stay, you can find around the corner a  German supermarket as well as a pharmacy. The location is perfect!
Upon entering you arrive n a relatively small lobby space, which however is only for the check in. In front there is a lovely space outside. snapseed-8There you can sit down and enjoy yourself during the lovely summer months in Berlin. On the right hand you can find some sofas and more areas to sit down, relax, have a drink or wait for your car to arrive.
The ladies and gents working at the check in are very friendly and helpful.  The elevator brigs you up to your Adina apartment and you will be surprised as I have been: The apartments are quite big, have a lot of space, lots of light and are super comfy!

The Apartments

The Adina apartments are styled in a modern and simple way. They offer a warm and comfortable place to stay during your holidays or business days in Berlin.Adina Apartment Hotel,grey couch, orange painting, berlin, checkpoint charlie

Throughout te whole hotel the colours take in a warm palette out of white, grey and orange/red. This offers a unique note to every room in the building and also includes the best home security so everything is safe in the apartment.

In the living area there is a kitchen including everything you could need, if you wish to cook. I was travelling to Berlin only for two days, so there was no time to make use of the kitchen. But I enjoyed the couch quite a lot for the moments I had to work. 😉
The room is spacious and offered everything you could wish for: a small desk,img_2922 a round table with four chairs, a living room area with couch, table and TV.
In a separated room you can find the bedroom of the Adina Apartment Hotel.
The bed is super comfortable and I slept very well in it. I was travelling with my dear friend and there is more than enough space in the apartment for two people

You can directly see, that the apartments are often rent for a longer period. Everything you need for longer stays is available. An ironing board and an iron can be find in the large dresser, a washing machine and even a dryer (!!!) in the bathroom. I was super surprised when I checked behind the door in the bathroom.
The bathroom is very modern, simple but offering everything you’ll need.


The Breakfast

Adina Apartment Hotel,grey couch, orange painting, berlin, checkpoint charlie, breakfast, orange, barBreakfast is served in the restaurant. Also here the hotel stays on it’s colour scheme and goes with dark brown tables and red/orange details. The restaurant is welcoming and the good addition to your morning mood.
The breakfast offer was well, however not everything was as cold as I wish it to be at a buffet breakfast.snapseed-4

All drinks are included in the breakfast deal, however they come out of two machines. I was surprised that their coffee was still of quite good taste.

The Dinner

The dinner at the Adina Apartments take place in the same room as the breakfast in the morning, but with some candles on the tables the space illuminates nicely even at this time of the day.

After being seated and taking a look the menu you will see that there is not a large amount of plates to choose from, but lots of what you read sounds great. Me and my friend weren’t able to decide as easily so as I usually do when I am testing a dinner I first ask the waiter for his suggestions.
He was extremely friendly and suggested us to go either with the gilthead or the rump-steak so we decided to take one of each and share.

The gilthead was really good and perfectly cooked unfortunately the meet had quite some tendons, which limited out good experience a little. The desert at Adina’s restaurant however restored this directly. We ordered a Crema Catalana, which was great and received an ice-cream as a plus on top. It was put together really nice and was delicious.


  • Wifi (7,5/10):  There is free Wifi and a Premium wifi, which is now as well o request available on a free basis. The Wifi was working well at all times and even survived our Youtube session before going out on Saturday night.
  • Spa (7/10): The area of the Spa is very nice. It is situated on level -1. Its not a typical Spa hotel, however it has a really nice 15m swimming pool, which is perfect for not missing out on your routine. Just next to it there is a Jacuzzi, which can be used as well, free of charge.
  • Gym (7/10): Just next to the pool there is a gym as well. It includes all necessary elements that you are looking for your training also if it is not a large area.
  • Wayfinding / Information (9/10):  The hotel has a clear line and you find your way and areas at all times easily.


  • Room (8,5/10): Upon entering the apartment it feels very spacious. The design is modern, simple and clean which I appreciate a lot in a hotel.
  • Lobby (8,5/10): The lobby area is welcoming and offers just before the restaurant different areas with couches and time to relax – even an open fire.
  • Style: business / family


  • Bed (9/10): for me it was very comfortable with high mattresses.
  • Shower (8/10): the shower is good. Enough water comes out and the space within is very comfortable
  • Roomservice / cleaning (8/10): Everything was clean and well organised. When I needed a swing kit to safe my dress they brought up a couple directly to the room, so this was really helpful and friendly.
  • Staff (9/10): Friendly at all times.

# Thank you Adina Apartment Hotel for the invitation to spend a weekend in your hotel!

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Jim ~ Reflections Enroute 29 May, 2017 - 6:56 AM

We find ourselves in Berlin fairly often. It’s nice to have another option to try out. #wkendtravelinspiration

Bhusha 3 June, 2017 - 7:30 PM

I went to Berlin on a day trip and I visited Checkpoint Charlie! So yeah, basically I didn’t bother about the hotels there!
This hotel does look chic and its good that its very accessible! The room looks so cozy!

Suruchi 4 June, 2017 - 7:42 AM

Great review. I liked the way you have covered every small detail about the place so nicely. The hotel looks great and best is its easily accessible. The rooms looks cozy and that incidence of sewing kit is a clear example of how humble and friendly the staff is.

Baskets Life Travel 4 June, 2017 - 1:17 PM

We love Berlin, and we also always look for great place to stay! Love the restaurant it looks very classy and the most important is that the beds are nice and there is wifi! Sounds like a perfect place to stay!

Jodie 4 June, 2017 - 2:29 PM

Location is really important so thumbs up for this hotel. Not sure about budget and style for me but definitely good to know you enjoyed your stay and another hotel to add to our list for research the next time we are lucky enough to visit Berlin!

Thelittlelai: Beyond limits 4 June, 2017 - 10:16 PM

This is truly an honest review. I like the fact that you’ve written this concise, but so detailed. I like the room cause seems to be so spacious and clean as well. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

travelwithtarah 5 June, 2017 - 6:07 PM

Well this looks like everything I could ever want in a weekend apartment! Looks beautiful. Will have to remember this place if I make my way to Berlin sometime soon

Ami Bhat 6 June, 2017 - 12:54 AM

This place does look like the one that I would also, want for a longer time. None of that extra jazz but simple, elegant and so comfortable. Loved the shot of you jumping on the bed! Cheers

quirkywanderer 6 June, 2017 - 4:47 AM

The picture of you jumping is just so cute! Love the way the picture LIGHTS up when you move the cursor on it:) The review is crisp and to the point. The fun in staying an apartment is different than just staying in a hotel.

100cobbledroads 12 June, 2017 - 3:29 AM

Have always wondered about apartment hotels but haven’t tried any of them yet. This one looks particularly cozy and elegant at the same time. The review is well structured and inspires me to consider an apartment hotel next time.

Blair Villanueva 29 June, 2017 - 11:29 AM

I will bookmarked this place for a possible accommodation when I visit Berlin. Or when my friends will travel this coming month. Thank you!


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